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These are the Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus Cases in 2022

These are the Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus Cases in 2022

Along with the Galaxy S22 series of smartphones, Samsung has also announced its latest flagship tablet lineup consisting of the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus as the middle variant. The flagship ‘S’ series of tablets has always stood for a premium experience right from performance to display. The Galaxy Tab S8 series is no different. If you plan on buying either of the three devices, check out the best Galaxy Tab S8 deals. If you opted for the plus variant, here’s how you can protect it by getting some of the best cases for the Galaxy Tab S8.

A case not only protects your tablet from external damage like scratches and dents but also changes the look and feel of the device. When paired with a screen protector, a case can also go a long way in protecting your display from getting shattered if and when you drop your tablet, thus saving you a lot of money that you would otherwise have to spend on repairs. Since a tablet is a large device, a case adds a good amount of grip and confidence while using it. Here are several case options that you can take a look at across various categories. You can pick the best case for yourself depending on your style or materials of choice.


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Official Cases

These are cases that are officially made by Samsung for the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus. Since they are first-party cases, you can expect the best fitting with precise cutouts and button placements. Samsung’s official cases are generally protective and are a great way to extend the functionality of the tablet by adding a keyboard to it. They’re slightly more expensive compared to third-party options but the quality more or less justifies the price.

    Great protection

    This is a rugged case from Samsung that has a built-in kickstand. It's also got a nice design that adds grip to the back.

    Folio case

    If you want a good-quality folio case with smart features, this is a great option directly from Samsung.

    Keyboard case

    This is the best case to get if you wish to increase the productivity on your tab. It adds a keyboard and protects the tablet.

Clear Cases

Clear cases are for those who want to show off the shiny new back of their tablets while also adding a decent bit of protection. The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is available in a variety of colors and if you want people to know which variant you picked, get a clear case!

    Clear and useful

    This not only is a clear case but also has a folio cover built-in. There's a kickstand on the back that's also very useful.

    Clear and slim

    If you want a clear case that's simple and doesn't add a lot of bulk, pick this one up. it's also got a slot for the S Pen.

    Transparent and flexible

    Here's a basic clear case that's made out of TPU. It's flexible which means it's going to turn yellow pretty soon so beware of that.

Rugged Cases

Are you known for dropping your devices frequently? Are you scared you might end up shattering your display or denting the corners of your tablet? If yes, you need to get a rugged case. Rugged cases are thick and cushiony, which is why they offer a great deal of protection for your tablet. They can get slightly bulky depending on what kind you get, but that’s the trade-off you make for better peace of mind.

    Extreme protection

    The Unicorn Beetle Pro from Supcase offers supreme protection with its rugged back and built-in screen protector. You also get a kickstand on the back of the case.


    Proven protector

    Otterbox is known for making some of the best protective cases. It has thick bumpers on the edges for drop protection.

    Solid build

    Here's another solid case that offers a great level of protection. it has aggressive looks and also comes with a kickstand on the back.

Folio Case

A folio case is one that has a flap on the front to cover the display when the tablet is not in use. Here are some folio cases for the Galaxy Tab S8.

    Simple and functional

    This is a nice and affordable folio case that's slim and functional thanks to the ability to fold it into a stand.

    TPU with faux leather

    This folio case has a TPU back with a nice leather-like texture on the front. It looks quite premium and it's affordable.

    Looks premium

    This folio case is made of fabric and looks premium. It's also more protective than the average folio case.

These are some of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus across various categories and price points. Pick the one that’s best suited for you based on whether you like a thin case, a rugged case, or one with a keyboard to improve productivity!

    The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is the latest flagship tablet from Samsung with a flagship processor and a large display.

Which Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus case did you like the best and which one are you getting? Let us know in the comments below!

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