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These are the Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Cases in 2022

These are the Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Cases in 2022

Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Fold 3, their best foldable phone yet, right alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 3 which is a compact, clamshell smartphone with high-end internals. If you’ve decided to get the more affordable Galaxy Z Flip 3, which by the way still isn’t cheap at almost a thousand bucks, the last thing you want to end up with is a scratched-up phone or even worse, a cracked display and back. The Galaxy Z Flip 3, like most modern-day smartphones, is made up of glass and no matter how resilient Gorilla Glass Victus is, it’s quite easy to shatter if you drop your phone on a hard surface. Samsung is portraying the Galaxy Z Flip 3 as a device that adds to your style statement and you can amplify that notion by customizing the phone with a good case.


While you can get a Samsung Care+ plan with the phone to cover accidental damage, it’s always better to prevent any damage from happening in the first place. The best way to protect your Galaxy Z Flip 3 would be to put on a case. Some cases not only provide protection but also improve the usability or the grip of your phone. Here are some of the best Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases that you can buy right now across various price segments.

    Ring on the back

    This ring case from Samsung will help you grip the Z Flip 3 better by letting you insert your finger into the ring while using the phone.

    Best grip and protection

    The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro offers top-class protection for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 while also making it easier to grip. If you drop your phone frequently, this case can be a saviour! It even comes with a belt holster.


    Belt for grip

    This case has a belt on the back which you can slide your hands into while using the phone. It even gives the phone a cool look.

    Thin and classy

    If you're a fan of carbon fiber, you're really going to like this case. It's thin and doesn't add a lot of bulk to the device. Provides a stealthy look.

    Stylish and protective

    This case from i-Blason has a colorful design and stands out from the generic-looking cases. It also provides a good deal of protection.


    Leather feel

    This case is made up of hard polycarbonate but has a soft leather feel on the outside. It's cheap and looks decent.

    Best protection

    This case from Spigen is for those who want the best protection against drops even on hard surfaces. it even looks good.

    Minimal protection

    Spigen is known to make good cases and this one for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 fits snug and provides minimal protection against scratches and drops.

    Clear and protective

    This case from Ringke has a translucent back giving your phone a frosted look. It also provides a good deal of protection while being slim.

    Another clear case

    If you want a crystal clear case from a reputed brand, this one from Spigen should be your option. It's slim and doesn't add a lot of bulk.

    Built-in kickstand

    The Z Flip 3 can technically be used as a kickstand in the Flex Mode but if you want more flexibility, this case has a kickstand built-in!

    Multiple color options

    The Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes in a variety of colors but if you want to switch it up, you can get a few of these cases in different colors.

    Extreme protection

    This is one of the most rugged cases that you can find for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It has a thick shell to protect the hinge too. If you drop your phone often, this one is for you.

    Shockproof case

    If you want a slightly toned down version of a rugged case, the UAG Civilian is a good option. It does add some bulk but is surely not as thick as the VRS case we mentioned prior to this.

    Unique and convenient

    This is a fabric-style case that comes in different colors and has a lanyard attached on both sides of the hinge which lets you carry it on your shoulder like a bag.

Since the Galaxy Z Flip 3 has been launched recently and is a new device, there aren’t a lot of third-party cases you can buy at the moment. We’ve mentioned the best cases as of now which are mostly first-party cases directly from Samsung but there should be more options from case makers soon. The carbon fiber case is a thin case so if you’re looking for minimal protection with good looks, that’s the one you should opt for. If you’re looking for a case that will help you grip or hold the phone better when using it, the ring case and the belt case will serve the purpose well. If you want maximum protection, the Spigen Tough Armor is the case to pick.

    The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is Samsung's latest clamshell foldable that offers a bigger outer display, high refresh rate inner display, and top-of-the-line hardware.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the latest foldable from Samsung, you might want to check out the best Galaxy Z Flip 3 deals that can help you save a few extra bucks. If you’ve got the elder sibling, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, we’ve got a list of the best cases for that phone as well.

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