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These are the best Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases, Covers and Skins

These are the best Galaxy Z Fold 2 Cases, Covers and Skins

Protect your investment!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is coming in fast, with a September 18 release date. A hefty $1,999 price tag (although you can save $800 with trade-in) means your new purchase deserves some nice protection, too! The last thing you want to do is drop something unique like Samsung’s foldable phone and then need to shell out hundreds for repairs. We’ve rounded up the best Galaxy Z Fold 2 cases you can buy right now and will be keeping this list updated!


    Super Stylish

    Made of real leather, Samsung's back cover for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is soft and doesn't add a lot of bulk to the phone. You're paying a premium for the phone, why not wrap it in something super stylish?

    More Kickstands, More Power

    Samsung's Aramid cover is just as versatile as the Galaxy Fold Z 2 itself! With two kickstands built in, you can prop your phone up any way you need to for the perfect viewing angle and it should fit your phone snug!

    Provides Hinge Protection

    UAG's Galaxy Z Fold 2 case has the distinct advantage of covering the hinge and part of the front screen. If you're worried about actually dropping your device, this case will offer some protection.

    Wrap It Up

    If you want something simple that offers extra customization to your Galaxy Z Fold 2, look no further than DBrand's line of wraps. They're affordable, available in a wide variety of covers and provide protection against small scratches!

    Invest in Spigen

    The placeholder image may not be a Z Fold 2, and it may not be out until November, but Spigen is a good brand and you know you'll get something that's good quality for a good price. The Ultra Hybrid is one of their most popular lines.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 isn’t out yet, we don’t have a huge variety of cases available yet, especially due to the phone’s unique construction. But when it releases and more get their hands on the promising device, there should be plenty to choose from! If we had to pick one now, Samsung’s Aramid Standing Cover is our pick for protection in style!

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