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These are the Best Galaxy Z Fold 3 Full Cases on the market: Spigen, Ringke, and more!

These are the Best Galaxy Z Fold 3 Full Cases on the market: Spigen, Ringke, and more!

Foldable phones are more fragile than their traditional counterparts. So it isn’t surprising you would want a case to protect a phone like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, especially given its steep pricing. However, the foldable form factor presents several challenges to designing a case, so various cases on the market cover the Galaxy Z Fold 3 either partly or wholly. In this guide, we’ve selected the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 full cases.

A full case of the Z Fold 3 covers the back panel and the edges of the cover screen. Some full cases also include protection for the hinge. Unfortunately, there are no cases that include protection for the main display of the phone as they would obviously interfere with the phone’s operations. To protect the flexible display, you’d have to rely on the pre-applied screen protector, which is 80% more durable than the Z Fold 2, according to Samsung, and also shouldn’t be removed.


Notably, all Galaxy Z Fold 3 (or any other Fold-series phone) full cases partly use adhesive to remain in place as they don’t have the space to grip around the phone on all sides, just like the cases for traditional smartphones. So adhesive use by the case makers is not a sign of poor quality. Instead, it’s a problem with the foldable form factor. Even the official Samsung Z Fold 3 cases use adhesive on the back panel to stay in place.

    Designed by Samsung

    The official leather case for the Z Fold 3 uses genuine leather for an elegant look. It's shock-proof and will provide a decent level of protection. The case comes in three color options -- Black, Camel, and Green.

    Thin and mighty

    The Z Fold 3 Aramid Protective Cover from Samsung uses the Aramid material to be thin and durable. It attaches to the phone without adding too much bulk and offers a comfortable grip. The case comes in a single black color option.

    Matte Finish

    This Silicon Cover for the Z Fold 3 comes from Samsung and includes a matte finish. It doesn’t add bulk and comes in three exciting colors. In addition, the case provides sufficient protection to the smartphone.

    With lanyard hole

    The Ringke Slim case uses polycarbonate material to protect the Z Fold 3 against scratches and drops. There's a lanyard hole in the case that you can use to attach wrist or neck-straps. It comes in Clear, Matte Clear, and Black materials.

    Lots of colors

    The GooseBox case comes in five color options, giving you plenty of choices to get a case that matches your style. In addition, the case uses polycarbonate to protect the smartphone and offers a good fit.

    Hinge protection

    The Case-Mate Tough Plus case offers the most protection to the Z Fold 3 smartphone. It safeguards the cover screen, back panel, and the hinge of the phone. In addition, the case is made with plant-based materials to champion sustainability.

    Absolute Protection

    Spigen is a popular name in the phone case world, and the Slim Armor Pro case for the Z Fold 3 shows why. The case provides top-notch protection for the phone, including for its hinge. In addition, it uses foam technology for an added layer of shock resistance.

    Self-healing case

    The Tech21 Evo Tint case comes with a slim profile and a carbon tint. It protects the phone from up to 10 feet drops. In addition, the case has self-healing properties that will remove the scratches and scruffs from the case over time.

    Made with recycled plastic

    The OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for the Z Fold 3 comes with a clear back panel to show off the phone. The case will also protect the phone from everyday mishaps, including drops. In addition, it uses 60% recycled plastic to do its bit for the environment.

These are the best Galaxy Z Fold 3 full cases on the market. If you’re looking for top-notch protection, the Spigen Slim Armor Pro and Case-Mate Tough Pro are good options. We’ll keep updating this page as and when more great cases are released. Meanwhile, if you’re still waiting to pull the plug on your Z Fold 3 purchase, make sure to check our best deals article to save some money.

    The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is Samsung’s latest flagship foldable smartphone. It's powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC, and runs on Android 11 with One UI.

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