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These are the Best Pens for the Surface Duo 2 in 2022

These are the Best Pens for the Surface Duo 2 in 2022

Along with some Surface PCs, Microsoft has just launched the Surface Duo 2, the successor to its flagship folding phone from last year. The Surface Duo was a unique phone in the sense that it had two displays attached with a hinge. It was Microsoft’s first attempt at making a smartphone after the entire Windows Mobile fiasco, and it didn’t end up that well for them. While the hardware on the Surface Duo was excellent, it was let down by half-baked software. The fact it was available to buy more than a year after it was announced didn’t make things any better.

This time, the Surface Duo 2 brings some much-needed improvements like up-to-date specifications and a dedicated camera array to compete against the best foldables in the market. It also retains one of the best features from the original Surface Duo — stylus input. The Surface Duo 2 supports pen input which can improve the experience of using the device. It can also help with multitasking and taking notes while you’re on the go.


Here are some of the best pens for the Surface Duo 2 that you can use with the device. We’ve included both official and unofficial options which you can pick based on how much you really want to spend. Needless to say, the official accessories always work the best.

    The best Surface pen

    This pen is made directly by Microsoft and works well with the Surface Duo 2. It comes with 4,096 pressure points and is also easy to carry.

    The next best option

    This pen is also made by Microsoft and should be your second choice. While it's slightly older, it's considerably cheaper and also has 4,096 pressure points.

    Good third-party stylus

    This is a third-party stylus that also claims to have 4,096 pressure points. It has a D-shaped body and attaches magnetically if you have a Surface Book.

    A cheap option

    If you're looking for a pen for your Surface Duo 2 that's cheap and gets the job done, this is an option you should consider.

    Good for starters

    This is a pen that's quite affordable and has some good features including 1,024 pressure points. It comes with a 1mm nib for precision.

    Cheap and functional

    Here's another affordable stylus that has good functionality. It has 1,024 pressure points and comes with two different nibs for different use cases.

    Comes with an eraser

    This stylus too has 1,024 pressure points and a 1mm nib. It has a few additional buttons and also an eraser on the rear which can be useful.

    With four tips

    This stylus is similar to the previous one in terms of functionality and pressure points. The main difference here is it comes with four interchangeable nibs.

    Looks stylish

    While the functionality of this pen is also just like any other on this list, it looks slightly more stylish than the others. It also has 1,024 pressure points.

These were some of the best pens for the Surface Duo 2 that you can buy if you want to jot down notes on the device or even if you want to sketch something. If budget isn’t an issue, we recommend getting the official Surface Pen Slim 2 from Microsoft since it works the best and has the best pressure sensitivity too.

For cheaper, you can also get the older Surface Pen with similar functionality. If you don’t want to spend so much on a stylus, we recommend getting the Renaisser Stylus Pen since it has 4,096 pressure points just like the original stylus from Microsoft and it isn’t very expensive either.

    The Surface Duo 2 is the latest foldable from Microsoft that comes with some much-needed improvements like updated internals and a dedicated camera module.

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