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Best keyboards for the Surface Go 3: Microsoft, Brydge, and more

Best keyboards for the Surface Go 3: Microsoft, Brydge, and more

Microsoft’s recently-announced Surface Go 3 is a solid entry-level tablet, with better performance and the same great experience as the previous generation. For its price, it has some great qualities to it, like a high-quality webcam and display. Plus, it’s extremely lightweight and portable, and overall one of the best Windows tablets you can buy. But the tablet itself is only half the experience, so what if you want to use it like a laptop? The Surface Go 3 is better with a keyboard, so we’ve rounded up the best options for you.

Of course, since it’s a tablet, you probably want something you can take with you easily. In many cases, keyboards can also double as protection for the Surface Go 3. No matter what you’re looking for, we have a bunch of options to choose from.


    The official keyboard

    Microsoft's official Surface Go Type Cover offers the best experience for the Surface Go 3. It uses the proprietary keyboard connector so you don't have to fiddle with Bluetooth, and the Alcantara palm rest is soft and warm to the touch.

    Colored backlight

    If you want something more affordable and customizable, this Inateck keyboard comes with seven different colors options for the keyboard backlight. It still attaches magnetically, but it connects via Bluetooth, so you can use it even if it's not attached.

    Now it's a proper laptop

    Brydge makes super cool keyboards that help the Surface Go 3 feel like a true laptop. It connects via Bluetooth and includes a Precision touchpad and backlit keyboard, all with a premium build quality that makes it easy to type on and use like a normal laptop.

    Keep your wrists comfy

    This keyboard attaches to the Surface Go magnetically (though it still uses Bluetooth to connect), but it comes with the benefit of having a small wrist rest below the trackpad, so you can get a more comfortable experience while using the keyboard.

    Keyboard and cover

    Don't care for touchpads? This wrap-around cover from ProCase gives you just the keyboard with a magnetic attachment for the Surface Go. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth, and the case protects your Surface Go 3 from all angles.

    It holds your pen too

    This is another keyboard-only model that protects your Surface Go 3 with a wrap-around design. However, this one also has a pen loop, so you can store your Surface Pen (or other models) more securely than using the magnetic attachment.

    For your home setup

    If you're using your Surface Go 3 to power your media center or you just want a compact keyboard and mouse solution for your desk, this Microsoft-branded keyboard is a fantastic option. It includes a trackpad to control your mouse cursor.

    Matching looks

    Want something that perfectly fits the aesthetic of the Surface Go 3 on your desk? The official Surface Keyboard is expensive, but it carries the typical Surface design language that's both modern and sleek, and it comes in platinum. Plus, it includes full-size keys and a number pad built in.

    Cheap Bluetooth keyboard

    If you just need a cheap keyboard to use in a pinch, this might be the ideal choice for you. It has a compact design, and it'll work with just about any Bluetooth device, so not just for the Surface Go 3. It's also very affordable and comes in two color options.

These are the best keyboard options you can find for the Surface Go 3. Depending on what you value most, each one has its own worth. The official Surface Go Type Cover is the best if you want a reliable connection since it’s the only one to use the proprietary Surface keyboard connector instead of Bluetooth. On the other hand, something like the Brydge 10.5 Go+ is very cool because it truly makes the Surface Go 3 feel like a real laptop. Bluetooth keyboards also have their own advantages, since you can use them with any Bluetooth device and without a physical connection.

If you haven’t yet, you can buy the Surface Go 3 using the link below. Alternatively, check out the best Surface PCs you can buy today if you want something a bit more powerful.

    The Surface Go 3 features newer processors from Intel with significantly improved performance. It's a lightweight tablet that offers a solid experience at an affordable price.

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