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Best Surface Go 3 Pen Options: Microsoft, Tesha, and more

Best Surface Go 3 Pen Options: Microsoft, Tesha, and more

Microsoft just unveiled the all-new Surface Go 3 at their Fall 2021 event. While the Surface Go 3 is a great machine, it unfortunately does not come bundled with the Microsoft Surface Go 3 pen. Of course, you can buy the official Surface pen separately from Microsoft or another vendor, but there are plenty of other options to consider. When searching for alternative Surface pens, make sure they support the Microsoft Pen Protocol or MPP. In this article we’ve curated a selection of the best pens to use with your Microsoft Surface Go 3 at any budget.

Some of the key considerations when selecting a new pen are tilt, pressure sensitivity, and battery life. If you do a lot of drawing with your Surface, you’ll want a pen that has accurate tilt and excellent pressure sensitivity. These aspects are key to achieving high precision when sketching or coloring with your pen. For those who do an exceptional amount of writing each day, make sure you get a pen with solid battery life. Several of the pens below are rechargeable, but some of them still take regular AAA batteries. Keep in mind that having a rechargeable pen will increase flexibility when traveling. In the case of a rechargeable pen, you can throw a portable charger in your bag and not worry about running out of juice.


    Microsoft reliability

    If you want to match your new Surface Go 3 perfectly, the official Microsoft Surface Pen is the way to go. Writes like pen on paper. Surface Pen is a natural writing and drawing tool, with precision ink on one end that now enables tilt and a natural-feeling rubber eraser on the other. Responds to an artists touch. Effortlessly express the finest sketches and lines with Surface Pen. Rest your hand on the screen of your Surface device, just as you would writing on a notebook.

    Best affordable alternative

    At under $30, the Tesha Surface pen has just about everything the Microsoft version offers. It features 1024 pressure points is designed for writing, drawing, and notes taking. Instant response, low latency, truly accurate handwriting reproduction. alm rejection technology allows you to rest your hand naturally on the screen while writing, no need wearing anti-friction gloves. Super convenient for kids.

    Excellent pressure sensitivity

    Ergonomic Design with palm rejection which allows resting your hand comfortably on the screen while working. Equipped with 2 buttons for option on eraser or mouse mode. With the 9.5 mm diameter streamlined tip point, this stylus is sensitive to pressure and tilt for making subtle shadow or creating delicate drawings. It is also multifunctional to use it for the slideshows presentations.

    Excellent pressure sensitivity

    The Dell Premium Active Pen features flexible, multi-protocol compatibility with select Dell 2-in-1s with a Windows Ink compatible display. Quickly launch OneNote by clicking the top button and write notes (even on a locked screen), capture a screenshot, or activate Cortana. Efficiently erase or launch the context menu with the side buttons. Install Windows Ink Workspace to customize buttons to your needs.

    Integrated presenter controls

    Elevate your creativity with the improved precision of the HP Tilt Pen. Write, draw, and compute as naturally as ever with true-to-life feel creating a seamless and enjoyable working experience. Activate presentation mode to conveniently move your cursor, flip through slides, and highlight key points of your presentation—without the need for a clicker.

    Low price alternative

    High Precision & Easy To Use: The high-quality 1.0mm nib provides precise and highly sensitive writing and drawing. No need for Bluetooth or driver, just put the battery in the pen and it will work normally. it automatically turn in Sleep Mode after idle for 5 minutes to save power. Made of durable aluminum alloy. The conductive fiber used in the refill has a damping effect and can protect the screen from scratches; the 80 cm drop-proof design can protect the pen from accidental dropping and enhance durability and safety.

Those are our picks for the best Surface pens available today for your Microsoft Surface Go 3 tablet. If you’re looking for the cheapest option out there, try the ANKACE Surface pen. While it’s cost effective, it also has a solid metal build and a number of useful features. For those that want the fill Microsoft Surface experience, the official Surface pen is of course still your best bet. We’ll keep this list updated as new products arrive. Let us know which Surface pen you use in the comments below.

    The Surface Go 3 refreshes its predecessor with new 10th-gen processors.

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