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These are the Best Cases for the Surface Laptop Studio

These are the Best Cases for the Surface Laptop Studio

Microsoft revealed the Surface Laptop Studio during an event it held online. This latest versatile device was announced alongside other Surface tablets and computers, which are designed to fit all kinds of needs and tastes. The Surface Laptop Studio is a high-end computer that has different transformational modes. One of the responsible things to do after buying a premium product is to buy something to protect it. So we have compiled for you a list of the best cases for the Surface Laptop Studio.

The Surface Studio Laptop is the perfect Surface for versatility. You can change the angle of the touch screen to match your gaze, turn it into tablet mode, and even transform it into a Studio device that illustrators and designers in particular are going to love. But you must be worried about protecting that piece of advanced technology from scratches, spills, drops, and other potential accidents that could happen on any given day. Well, don’t worry as we have you covered.


Disclaimer: Some of the cases listed below are designed for other Microsoft Surface devices, but they will work just fine with the Surface Laptop Studio. This is because the devices share exactly — or almost — the same external dimensions.

    Spacious Yet Compact

    This sleeve from tomtoc offers a compact build that has plenty of space for your Surface Laptop Studio and any other accessories or devices, such as your chargers or iPad Mini. It's available in four different colors — Black, Dark Blue, Gray, and Sage. It has a very professional vibe to it, so you can use it for your work computer.


    This sleeve from tomtoc offers 360° protection for your Microsoft Surface Studio Laptop. It's available in four different colors — Black, Mint Blue, Gray, and Baby Pink. What makes this sleeve eco-friendly is the fact that it's made from recycled fabric. So you can rock an awesome sleeve, while saving the rock you live on!


    This case from Voova offers a slim, portable, and lightweight design, that allows it to be easily carried as a briefcase or slid into your backpack. It's plainly perfect for business, school, or travel. This unsophisticated sleeve comes in seven different colors. So you have plenty of options to choose from.


    This case from Inateck is built with precision. The woven exterior utilizes liquid-proof 600D wear-resistant polyester fabric to protect your Surface against accidental spills. And with five layers of premium materials, this case is durable against bumps or shocks.


    This Amazon Basics sleeve is just a lightweight one that helps you carry your Surface around. It's not meant to be shockproof or provide high levels of protection. It's perfect for protecting the Surface against scratches when sliding it in another bag or carrying it around.

    Affordable & Colorful

    This case from ARVOK is the most affordable out of the rest we've listed. It's ridiculously cheap, yet it comes with a decent build. More notably, it's available in seventeen (!) different colors and pattern options. So it has plenty of choices for your various tastes.

So now that you have gone through six of the best cases available for the Microsoft Surface Studio Laptop, you’re ready to buy your favorite. I personally love the Inateck Shockproof Laptop Sleeve Case Briefcase. It’s a blend of professional and casual that offers exactly everything I need, both design and functionality-wise.

    The Surface Laptop Studio comes with an all-new design, more powerful internals, and more.

Have you decided to buy any of the listed cases? If not, is there anything specifically holding you back? Let us know in the comments section below!

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