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These are the Best Cases for the Surface Pro 8

These are the Best Cases for the Surface Pro 8

Microsoft revealed the Surface Pro 8 during an event it held online. This latest versatile device was announced alongside other Surface tablets and computers, which are designed to fit all kinds of needs and tastes. The Surface Pro 8 is a high-end, versatile tablet that runs Windows 11. One of the responsible things to do after buying a premium product is to buy something to protect it. So we have compiled for you a list of the best cases for the Surface Pro 8.

The Surface Pro 8 is a mighty Pro tablet that competes against similar devices from other manufacturers, such as the Apple iPad Pro M1. It’s light, portable, and runs a desktop operating system. This makes it the perfect device to work or study for those who are always on the go. However, to carry it around you’ll be needing a case. We aren’t adventurous people around here, especially when it comes to our precious devices.


Disclaimer: Some of the cases listed below are designed for other Microsoft Surface devices, but they will work just fine with the Surface Pro 8. This is because the devices share exactly — or almost — the same external dimensions.


    This sleeve from Lacdo features a minimalistic, clean design, without sacrificing functionality. This simple, yet elegant, case has side pockets as well. It's water-repellent, so you're safe under light rain.


    This rugged case from SUPCASE will allow you to use your Surface 8 as you would normally do. It supports the Type Cover Keyboard and has a kickstand.



    This sleeve from Kinmac is waterproof and comes in various color options. With 25 different colors and patterns, you will surely find at least one case that you like.


    This waterproof, shock-resistant sleeve from JETech protects your Surface Pro 8 accidental spills and bumps. It's available in nine different colors and features a basic, unsophisticated design.

    Includes Small Bag

    This shockproof sleeve comes with a small bag for additional accessories, despite the sleeve having side pockets. It's perfect for those who carry around lots of chargers and cables.


    This case from tomtoc is made from recycled fabric. So you can protect your shiny new device while protecting the not-as-shiny planet we live on. It comes in various colors and has side pockets.

If I had to choose one of the six listed cases, I would go for the colorful Kinmac 360° Protective Waterproof Laptop Sleeve. It has a handle to easily carry it around, is water and shock proof, and includes a side pocket for accessories. It’s just right, offers everything I need it to do, and some of its patterns give it a personality of its own. It’s gorgeous!

    The Surface Pro 8 is Microsoft's flagship tablet, and it comes with an all-new design, a 120Hz display, Thunderbolt 4, and more.

Have you already bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 8? If so, which of the listed cases you have decided to go for, if any? If not, what’s holding you back? Let us know in the comments section below.

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