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These are the best chargers for the Surface Pro X: Microsoft, Nekteck, and more!

These are the best chargers for the Surface Pro X: Microsoft, Nekteck, and more!

The Surface Pro X supports 65W fast charging, and Microsoft bundles a compatible power supply in the box that plugs into the Surface Connect port. But if you need a replacement charger, there are plenty of options as the tablet also supports charging via the onboard USB Type-C ports. So you can either go with a Surface Connect charger or a USB Type-C PD charger. We have picked the best chargers for the Surface Pro X on the market that you can order right now.

As mentioned, the Surface Pro X support 65W fast charging, but you can also charge it with a 45W charger. The latter won’t get you fast charging speeds but will still do the job. So if you have a 45W USB PD or 45W Surface Connect charger lying around, you can also use that instead of buying a new one.


Best chargers for the Surface Pro X

    Designed by Microsoft

    Even though this charger is sold for the older Surface models, it’ll work perfectly fine with the Surface Pro X. It supports 65W power delivery and connects via the Surface Connect port. There is also a USB Type-A port on the charger that you can use to charge other devices.


    The Surface 127W power supply is overkill for the Surface Pro X, but it's one of the only two options if you're only looking for Microsoft-designed chargers. It's also helpful if you want a single charger for multiple Surface devices, including the Surface Book. Like the 65W power supply, it also packs a USB Type-A port.

    The budget pick

    The Ugreen Dual USB C charger is an excellent alternative to the official Surface power supply. Thanks to the support for 65W power delivery, it can fast charge the Pro X. But if you're using both ports, it will slow charge the Surface Pro X at 45W and give 20W power to the other device.

    With GaN tech

    The Nektech 107W USB C charger is a good option to charge multiple devices simultaneously. It comes with two Type-C and two Type-A ports. While one of the ports offers 65W power delivery, which is perfect for the Surface Pro X, the other Type-C port can deliver 30W power. In addition, it comes with a bundled Type-C to Type-C cable.


    The Baseus wall charger is another excellent charger with multiple ports. You get two Type-C ports capable of delivering 65W of power when only that port is used. However, if you use both Type-C ports, you’ll only get 45W of power in the C1 port.


    Apart from its great dual-port charger, Ugreen offers this four-port charger. It comes with three Type-C ports and one Type-A port. When you are just using the one Type-C port, you’ll get the full 65W power, but the Type-C port power drops if you start using multiple ports.

These are the best fast chargers for the Surface Pro X on the market. Notably, the Surface tablet doesn’t come with a Type-C cable in the box, so if you are buying a Type-C charger, make sure to get a cable with that. We have selected some of the best USB Type-C cables on the market. You can pick any that support 65W or higher power delivery.

Which charger are you planning to buy? Let us know in the comments section. We have also picked the best Windows tablets and the best Surface PCs on the market if you are still unsure about the Surface Pro X.

    The Surface Pro X has a modern design and a 13 inch high-resolution display. In addition, it supports LTE (optional) for on-the-go connectivity and offers 15 hours of battery life thanks to its ARM-based chipset.

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