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These are the best keyboards for the Surface Pro X: Microsoft, Logitech, and more!

These are the best keyboards for the Surface Pro X: Microsoft, Logitech, and more!

Microsoft touts the Surface Pro X as a 2-in-1 device, but the company doesn’t bundle a keyboard by default with it. So if you’re planning to be really productive with the tablet, you’ll need to buy a keyboard separately. Fortunately, as the Surface Pro X includes Bluetooth connectivity, it’s compatible with pretty much every Bluetooth keyboard on the planet.

So there are many options to pick from, including Microsoft’s official Surface Pro X keyboards that seamlessly snap onto it. We have selected the best keyboards for the Surface Pro X you can buy right now to help you out.


Best Microsoft Surface Pro X Keyboards

    Designed by Microsoft

    The official Surface Pro X Keyboard is an excellent option for your tablet. It comes with a full mechanical keyset and a large trackpad for a seamless typing and navigation experience. Apart from being a keyboard, it can also safeguard the Surface Pro X screen when closed.

    Slot for Surface Slim Pen

    If you want to use the Surface Slim Pen with your Surface Pro X, the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard is your best bet. The keyboard features a slot to keep and charge the Slim Pen. In addition, you get a Slim Pen bundled with it, so you won't have to buy the pen separately.

    With docking slot

    There are very few third-party keyboards in the market that have a space to dock the Surface Pro X, and the Brydge SPX+ Wireless Keyboard is one of them. You get a full backlit keyboard and a multitouch-capable touchpad with the keyboard. In addition, it has an excellent build quality.

    Protect the tablet

    The SaharaCase Keyboard Folio is made with PU leather, silicone, and microfiber material and features a detachable keyboard. In addition, it comes with anti-slip grooves to adjust the viewing angle and has its own kickstand mechanism.

    Three colors

    The Logitech K380 is an excellent Bluetooth keyboard that will not only work with the Surface Pro X but also with your other smart devices. You can pair it with as many as three devices and switch among them with just a tap. It's also lightweight and comes in three exciting colors.

    Great for portability

    If you want something that's not as expensive as the official Microsoft keyboards but is travel-friendly, the MoKo foldable keyboard is a good option. It folds in half for easier storage and portability. Additionally, you get a full-size keyset and a rechargeable battery.

These are the best keyboards you can buy for the Surface Pro X. The official Surface Pro X Keyboard offers the best experience, but it’s costly and hard to find in stock. The Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard is also excellent, especially if you want to use a Surface Slim Pen. For those of you who want something affordable, the Logitech K380 and MoKo Foldable Keyboard are two of the better options.

Which keyboard are you planning to buy? Let us know in the comments section. Meanwhile, if you are still unsure about the Surface Pro X, we have also selected the best Windows tablets and the best Surface PCs on the market — perhaps one of these will interest you.

    The Surface Pro X has a modern design and a 13 inch high-resolution display. In addition, it supports LTE (optional) for on-the-go connectivity and offers 15 hours of battery life thanks to its ARM-based chipset.

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