Some of the best Synergy themes for your One UI phone

Some of the best Synergy themes for your One UI phone

Just last month, the Projekt team launched Synergy. Synergy allows you to install Substratum themes on every Samsung phone with One UI. The best part is it works without root. There are lots of themes for Substratum that support Synergy, so I thought I might as well list out some of the best themes that are available. This is by no means a complete list because there are a lot more themes, but these are some of the cooler ones I’ve seen.

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Swift Dark

Swift Dark is a great theme if you want a dark UI and custom accent colors. Swift dark lets you select the accent colors and icon in essentially every system app and a bunch of third-party apps. It will save your battery life by having darker backdrops and allow you to change whatever colors you might want.

Swift Dark Substratum Theme

Swift Black

Swift black is very similar to Swift dark except the main color is black instead of dark gray (which we’ve learned doesn’t make a huge battery impact). It has the same accent color and icon customization and allows you to change essentially anything else. It works in a bunch of third-party apps and everything looks great. This will save battery and look super clean in the process.


Complete One UI

Samsung is slow in fixing and completing their UI theming. Although One UI is arguably their best software release, it still has some annoying UI bugs. This is what the Complete One UI theme is for. This app will provide System mods to fixing UI bugs that Samsung still ignores, complete the Night Mode UI, and, moreover, tweak the UI for better user experience.

Sprite for One UI

Sprite for One UI gets you this super cool black and green UI. Everything has custom-made icons and custom-made textures. It looks really cool and gets you dark colors with a cool texture.

Sprite OneUI Synergy
Developer: DJDarkknight
Price: Free

One UI Makeup

One UI makeup helps you make some small changes for One UI. These let you round the corners, helps with the game launcher, and increases button size. All of this helps make One UI feel more consistent and look nicer. The developer was also nice enough to provide us 10 promo codes. These are available here in a first come first serve basis.


Flux is a great theme with super custom icons and design. Flux lets you theme your device with a totally black AMOLED theme with custom accent colors. It also has Google-style icons. This really makes the device feel a lot more custom and helps with battery life by providing a full AMOLED dark mode.

Flux - Substratum Theme
Developer: giannisgx89
Price: $1.49

Flux White

Flux White is just like Flux, but instead of being dark, it’s white. It provides a great light mode across the UI along with a lot of cool new icons. Flux allows you to change the accent color as well. It’s great for customizing the device while keeping a One UI feel.

Flux White - Substratum Theme
Developer: giannisgx89
Price: $1.49

Dark Material Samsung

Dark Material Samsung is just like it sounds, a dark material UI for Samsung. This gets you a very flat and nicely designed UI with lots of rounded corners. It lets you choose the accent color. In some parts of the UI, it even has a super cool background design. It supports Samsung system apps and a bunch of third-party apps as well.


VaLeRie brings this super cool transparent design into One UI. Most themes just layer on top of the apps and just change the colors. While VaLeRie does that with icons and accent colors, it brings it to another level. It makes most of the supported apps transparent. This means no matter what app you’re in, you can see your wallpaper.

[Substratum] Valerie
Developer: DeadmanxXD
Price: $1.99


Linear is a powerhouse of a theme. It allows you to change the background, accent, and icons to one of the many options. It supports many third-party apps along with the stock Samsung apps. It’s a great theme if you are looking for a lot of compatibility and customization.

[Substratum] Linear
Developer: DeadmanxXD
Price: $1.99

One UI Tuner

Samsung’s One UI got a lot of things right, but it isn’t perfect. For example, you can no longer do things like enable seconds in the status bar clock or change the Quick Settings header count using Android’s hidden settings.

One UI Tuner aims to fix these problems by using Samsung’s comprehensive theme engine. This is not a theme. Instead, One UI Tuner allows you to do things like adjust the Quick Settings header icon count, set your own custom clock format, or even restore the old Recents menu from Android Oreo. It does not change the theme or colors.

All of these themes are super cool and the developers spent a lot of time working on them. If you want to check them out and support the developers, the links to all the themes can be found above. Let us know which themes you’re using with Synergy and Substratum!

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