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Best MicroSD Cards for the TCL 20 Pro 5G and TCL 20S in 2022

Best MicroSD Cards for the TCL 20 Pro 5G and TCL 20S in 2022

TCL’s new 20 Pro 5G and 20S smartphones include 256GB and 128GB of built-in storage, respectively. While the internal storage will be enough for many people, if you need more space, the two phones feature microSD card slots. TCL has added support for up to a 1TB card in both 20 Pro 5G and 20S. To help you pick the right storage expansion card for your TCL phone, we’ve selected the best microSD cards for the TCL 20 Pro 5G and the TCL 20S on the market.

Before we share our recommendations, let’s talk a bit about the microSD card types and the speed classes. You’ll mainly see two types of microSD cards on the market — the microSDHC and the microSDXC. The SDHC cards are limited to 32GB of storage, whereas the SDXC cards can go up to 1TB. Additionally, you’ll find the ratings for the Speed Class, UHS Speed Class, Video Speed Class, and the App Performance Class in retail listings.


To keep things simple here, the UHS speed class U3, video speed class V30, and app performance class A1 cards will be enough for a good performance on your TCL phone. The V60 or the V90 cards will just be overkill, but the A2-rated cards can offer better performance if your phone is frequently interacting with the microSD card.

Best microSD cards for TCL 20 Pro 5G and TCL 20S

    Store everything

    If you need a lot of space to store movies, music, games etc. on your phone, the SanDisk Extreme 1TB card is a good option. It also supports 4K video recording, and comes with up to 90MB/s write speeds, and up to 160MB/s read speeds. The card is rated A2 for great in-app performance.

    Gets the job done

    The Kingston Canvas Select Plus card isn’t as fast as some of the other microSD cards in our recommendations but it will work just fine on your TCL phone. It's rated UHS speed class U3, video speed class V30, and A1 for in-app performance. The card offers up to 100MB/s read speeds and up to 30MB/s write speeds.

    Great for 4K recording

    This Samsung Evo Select card is a great option for your TCL phone if you’re recording 4K videos. It supports up to 90MB/s write and up to 100MB/s read speeds. It's also waterproof, and comes with 10 years limited warranty. You also get an adapter in the box.

    Best value per GB

    The SanDisk Extreme card is not only rated video class V30 and UHS Class U3, it also comes with A2 rating for faster in-app performance, making it great for smartphones. It supports up to 90MB/s write speed, and up to 160MB/s read speeds. The card is waterproof, and comes with an adapter.

    For low storage needs

    If you don’t need too much extra storage for your TCL phone, this Lexar card is a good budget option. It's rated UHS speed class U3, video speed class V30, and app performance class A1, so you should get decent performance in pretty much all tasks, including 4K video recording.

    Niche use-cases

    While it makes little sense to get a 32GB microSD card when your phone already packs 128GB or 256GB storage, if you have a use-case for a 32GB card, this Lexar card is good value. You won’t be able to record 4K videos but it will work well for pretty much everything else.

These are some of the best MicroSD cards for your TCL 20 Pro 5G and TCL 20S smartphones. You can pick one, depending on your storage requirements. The 128GB cards typically provide the best value per GB, so if you don’t need too much storage, the SanDisk Extreme 128GB is a great option.

    The TCL 20 Pro 5G is the brand's latest smartphone that has premium mid-range specs like a Snapdragon 750G, 48MP quad cameras, and a curved AMOLED display.
    The TCL 20S features a 6.67 inch full-HD+ display, Snapdragon 665 SoC, and Android 11.

Which MicroSD card are you planning to get for your TCL phone? Let us know in the comments section. We’ve also picked the best cases for both the TCL 20 Pro 5G and TCL 20S smartphones to help you keep your phone protected.

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