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These are the Best TCL 20S Cases to buy in Fall 2021: Unpey, Cbus, Leegu, and more!

These are the Best TCL 20S Cases to buy in Fall 2021: Unpey, Cbus, Leegu, and more!

The TCL 20 series was announced a few weeks back, comprising of the TCL 20 Pro 5G, TCL 20 5G, TCL 20L, TCL 20L+, TCL 20S, and the TCL 20 SE. Just as you’d assume, the TCL 20 Pro 5G is the top-of-the-line device from the brand in this series while the TCL 20S and TCL 20SE are both affordable options. The TCL 20S specifically offers a good balance between specs and the asking price and can be a good option for anyone looking for a budget phone that doesn’t make a lot of compromises.

There’s a 6.67 inch Full HD+ IPS LCD display with a punch hole, a 64MP quad-camera setup, a huge 5,000mAh battery, and a Snapdragon 665 at the heart of it. If you don’t want to spend too much on a phone or you just want a secondary spare phone to go along with your existing one, the TCL 20S would be a decent pick. If you do decide to get one for yourself, it would also be wise to pick up a good case to protect the phone against scratches and the odd drop that may occur during day-to-day use.


We’ve compiled a list of the best TCL 20S cases ranging across different types and designs so pick the one you think would suit the best for your usage. It’s always wise to pair a case with a good screen protector for the TCL 20S for added protection.

    Crystal clear

    This case is for those of you who want to show off the back of your phone while adding a decent bit of protection too. It even comes with a screen protector that attaches to the case.

    Rugged protection

    If you want rugged protection while having a clear back with bumper along the edges, this is a good pick. Comes with two free screen protectors as well.

    Military-grade protection

    This case has two layers -- a soft TPU layer that goes onto your phone and a hard polycarbonate layer that snaps onto the back of the case for extra protection. Provides good grip too.

    Completely clear

    While the previously mentioned cases only had a clear back, this one is clear on the sides as well, and even covers the front of the phone so you don't need an additional protector.

    Matte and stealthy

    This case has a soft matte finish on the back and a hard frame that goes around it for protection. If you want a case that feels soft to hold and looks stealthy in black, this is the one to pick.

    Shiny and protective

    If you like to add a lot of color and glitter to your phone and make it stand out from how regular phones look, this is the best fit. It's available in several colors and has a screen protector included.

    Thick and protective

    This case provides the best protection you can get for your phone in the form of a rugged bumper. It has a built-in screen protector too. A little on the bulkier side so keep that in mind.

    Funky designs

    If you like having designs and patterns on your phone case along with a great deal of protection, Leegu has you covered. It adds a nice personal touch to your phone.

    Extra storage

    This case is for those of you who want to store your cards or even some cash inside your phone case while also making use of the folio like a kickstand while watching movies.

These were our picks for some of the best TCL 20S cases of different types ranging across various price brackets. Most of these cases can be bought pretty cheaply and provide good protection. If you handle your phone carefully, even a relatively thin case should do the job.

If you want to add a touch of flair to your phone, we recommend getting the Glitter case since it’s also quite protective. If you want a clear case to show off the back of your phone, the full-body clear case is a good pick. If you want ultimate protection, the rugged case from CBUS is the one you should go for, especially if you often drop your phone.

    The TCL 20S is a decent budget smartphone that offers a set of features that may suit first-time smartphone users or anyone looking for a secondary phone.

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