Today Weather – The Best Weather App for S8, S8+ and AMOLED Displays

Today Weather – The Best Weather App for S8, S8+ and AMOLED Displays

With everyone getting their new Galaxy S8 phones, we wanted to focus on a weather app that works great on AMOLED displays. Today Weather is a newer weather app that we reviewed a while back. This app is free on the Play store and features a dark theme that is perfect for the Galaxy S8’s AMOLED screen.

Keep track of multiple cities in one glance from your side panel.

Beautiful images represent the current weather for the day

The simple design of this weather app also packs a huge amount of data in a small space. Using awesome little icon animations and graphs, the app will show you temperature, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point and pressure.

See detailed information about your weekly forecast and current temperature on your main screen.

A huge amount of data gives you information about wind speed, air quality, the location of the sun/moon, and live radar.

Official Today Weather Thread Download Today Weather!

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