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These are the best webcams to use with your Mac Studio

These are the best webcams to use with your Mac Studio

Apple has slowly been shifting from using Intel chips to its own SoC. If you buy a Mac, it will likely include one of the M1 chips — as the company has already transitioned on most of the lineup. To provide a better performance on macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey, developers have been optimizing their apps for Apple silicon. The capabilities these efficient chips unleash are fascinating, and this is only the beginning. The latest addition to the M1 lineup is the M1 Ultra chip that Apple has included in the all-new Mac Studio. This device looks like two stacked Mac Minis and is one of the most powerful commercial desktop computers currently available. Considering the Mac Studio isn’t an all-in-one (AiO) computer, you will need to buy your own accessories separately. Here are the best webcams you can currently buy for your new Mac Studio.



    This 720p webcam is affordable and manufactured by a reputable company. It's ideal if you don't heavily depend on webcams.

    This 4K webcam is ideal for those who attend meetings frequently. However, it lacks some of the advertised features on macOS, such as HDR, FoV angle adjustments, and other customizations.


    This webcam from Logitech supports 4K video calling and recording, up to 90fps, three different fields of view, 5x digital zoom, HDR, and much more.

    360º Swivel

    This 1080p webcam can rotate 360º. This allows you to shift the focus and angle on a different subject during a call.

    Privacy Cover

    This 1080p webcam has low-light correction support, noise-cancelling microphones, and a privacy cover.

    Ring Light

    This 1080p webcam has a three-level adjustable ring light, making meetings in dim environments brighter.

If I personally had to buy one of these webcams for my new Mac Studio, I would totally go for the Logitech C270 HD Webcam. It’s small, affordable, and gets the job done. While its resolution is only 720p, it works fine for me as I don’t depend on webcams all that much. If you attend plenty of online meetings or require a higher resolution for whichever, go for one of the 1080p or 4K webcams we have recommended above instead.

The Mac Studio redefines what a compact computer can be and do. Despite its small size, it’s one of the mightiest commercial computers currently on sale. It starts at $1,999 for the M1 Max variant, while the M1 Ultra model starts at $3,999 in the US. It’s worth mentioning, though, that this computer is aimed at Pros and not average users. So if you need a device for light work and browsing, the Mac Studio isn’t for you.

    The Mac Studio is powered by either the Apple M1 Max or the all-new M1 Ultra chip. It is available in Silver only and starts at $1,999.

Which of these webcams are you buying for your Mac Studio, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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