Best Xbox Series X controllers to buy in 2022: Razer, PowerA, Scuf, and more!

Best Xbox Series X controllers to buy in 2022: Razer, PowerA, Scuf, and more!

Microsoft launched its most ambitious and powerful gaming console to date, the Xbox Series X, alongside the more affordable Xbox Series S. Ever since its launch, there has been a massive demand all over the globe, and while the chipset crisis is slowly getting back to normal, grabbing a new gaming console this year is definitely a great achievement. If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s managed to get your hands on the new console, then we’ve got a list of controllers, both official and third-party, that can help take your gaming experience to the next level.

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Best overall: Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

The Elite controller was launched by Microsoft for gamers who wanted a bit more out of their controllers. The company now offers a new version that’s compatible with the latest generation of consoles including the Series X and Series S. It offers adjustable-tension thumbsticks, shorter hair trigger locks, wrap-around rubberized grip, assignable buttons including paddles at the back, and re-engineered components all around making it a great option for pro-gamers. It also comes with a built-in battery which is said to last 40 hours and can be quickly charged using a USB Type-C cable.

    The Elite Wireless 2 controller offers way more customizations and options compared to the regular Xbox Wireless controller. You also get the option of replacing buttons and paddles at the back.

Best third party controller: Scuf Prestige

Scuf Prestige for Xbox Series X

The Scuf Prestige is a great alternative to the Xbox Elite controller offering similar paddles at the back. The company has been making Xbox controllers for a while, so you can expect great compatibility. The controller is quite comfortable and offers rubberized grips, an interchangeable faceplate, and a rechargeable battery that’s said to last 30 hours. Similarly, you can customize your buttons the way you want and for the paddles at the back, you need the EMR (Electro-Magnetic Remapping) key. There are also two interchangeable thumbsticks and adjustable built-in trigger stops and if that’s not enough, you can completely customize and build the controller the way you want by heading to Scuf’s website.

    The Scuf Prestige is a recommended controller if you're looking for customizable trigger paddles and various button and color customizations.

Best for competitive gaming: Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer is a staple name in the gaming industry and the company’s Wolverine Ultimate is one of the best controllers for your Xbox Series X. Well, this is a wired controller, but it’s one of the most feature-packed controllers that you can get today. The face buttons are said to offer a tactile feel similar to that of mouse clicks, making them more responsive. The interchangeable thumbsticks are quite smooth.

The controller comes with six remappable buttons – four at the back and two near the shoulder buttons. The Wolverine Ultimate also gives you the option of swapping between different D-pads. Apart from button customizations, you can play around with the RGB lighting effects, adjust precise sensitivity for the thumbstick, and custom vibration intensity for the trigger buttons and haptic motors for an enhanced immersive experience.

    The Wolverine Ultimate from Razer is a feature rich controller with two remappable multi-function bumpers, four multi-function triggers and a quick control panel.

Best customization: Xbox Design Lab Controller

Xbox Design lab

The new Xbox Wireless controller is more or less the same as the one that shipped with the Xbox One series. Similarly, you get the controller in black, if you go for the Xbox Series X and a white version with the smaller Xbox Series S. But if you’re looking for a second controller and are done with the monochrome color scheme, check out the Xbox Design Lab that allows you to create your own controller.

You can mix and match colors and customize everything from the button, triggers, analog sticks, etc. as well as the option of engraving text. This is great for someone who cares about the color scheme of their setup or just wants to have a controller that stands out. The only important thing to consider is that the customization service is only available in limited regions.

    If you're bored of the simple black or white finish of the Xbox wireless controller, head over to the Xbox Design Lab to fully customize the look and transform it the way you want

Best affordable: PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

This is one of the more affordable options if you’re looking for a third-party controller for your Xbox Series X. It’s a wired controller available in a variety of colors with two mappable buttons at the back. The controller also features dual rumble motors placed in the left and right grips for an immersive gaming experience. Additionally, there’s a dial to control the game audio when you connect a headset via the 3.5mm stereo headset jack.

    The PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller works with the new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Best for limited mobility: Xbox Adaptive Controller

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Gaming doesn’t have any boundaries and the Adaptive Controller from Microsoft is a fine example. Made for users who have limited mobility, it’s unlike any controller listed here with options to fully customize the controller according to the user’s needs. The controller is also a hub that can connect with a range of assistive devices which can then be assigned to specific controller inputs. Apart from the Xbox gaming consoles, the Adaptive Controller also works with the Nintendo Switch as well as Windows PC. There are about 20 ports that let you plug a variety of thumbsticks, switches, buttons, and other assistive devices.

    Meant for gamers with limited mobility, the Adaptive Controller offers a vast variety of ports to allow attaching a number of contoller inputs.

Best arcade stick: Hori Fighting Stick α

Hori Fighting Stick Alpha

Love the charm of an old-school arcade console? Check out the Fighting Stick α (alpha) from Hori. Officially licensed from Microsoft, the controller comes with Hori’s own Hayabusa joystick made for competitive gaming. It offers easy profile switching with quick buttons right on top, along with options to change the top housing for a customized look. Other notable features include easy maintenance, audio controls for both mic and headset, and fine-tuning via a dedicated app.

    A perfect recommendation who wants to relive the days of smashing buttons and turn the joystick on old fashioned arcade controls.

Our top pick would be the Elite Controller Series 2 as it offers enhanced controls over the original Xbox Series X controller and goes without saying has the best compatibility. As mentioned, there’s been a huge demand for the Xbox Series X and also the Series S due to a global chip shortage. If you’re planning to buy either of the consoles, make sure you go through our restock guide. Also, let us know about a controller you think we might have missed and is worth mentioning in the list.

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