Beta Maniac lets you manage enrolled app betas and notifies you for spots in closed betas

Beta Maniac lets you manage enrolled app betas and notifies you for spots in closed betas

Google Play beta programs are amazing. Most of the time, they let you try out features ahead of their official release. And while they sometimes have their decent share of issues (there’s a reason why they’re a beta instead of a stable version), they’re often also good enough for daily usage for more experimentative users. Most app developers opt for testing on beta versions first before wider rollouts. Case in point, WhatsApp recently introduced dark mode to its Android app on the beta version. But often, getting into an app’s beta can also be difficult. Case in point again, WhatsApp, as its beta is currently closed to new applications since it’s full. If you end up getting annoyed when you’re unable to join a beta, β-Maniac might help you be less frequently annoyed.


Apps like β-Maniac (that reads as “beta-maniac”, for those of you who are not acquainted with the Greek alphabet) is an amazing app that serves as a hub for everything related to your Google Play betas. It gives you a list of all the apps you have installed which have them and gives you options for joining them. Want to enroll into one? Then you can do so right from this app. The beta is currently closed? No biggie, as the app will notify you whenever there is a new spot for you to join. Most of all, the app is free to use and has no ads for xda users, which serves as the icing to an already awesome application.

The app is available to download from our forums as an ad-free version, with developer XDA Developer Mirko ddd also making the app available on Google Play Store in an ad-supported version. Check it out now!

Check out β-Maniac from our forums now!

Keep in mind that the app requires you to sign in to your Google account through a WebView. This is because the same results cannot be achieved through Google Sign-In APIs, hence rendering them as a non-option.

Beta Maniac
Developer: Mirko Dimartino
Price: Free

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