Bethesda Launcher can now transfer your games to Steam

Bethesda Launcher can now transfer your games to Steam

Like most major game publishers, Bethesda Softworks (and its parent company, ZeniMax Media) created a PC game launcher for downloading and installing its games without the need for Steam. However, the application was never a popular choice with players, and the launcher was set to be discontinued after Bethesda was acquired by Microsoft. Now anyone who purchased or redeemed games in the Bethesda Launcher can transfer them to Steam.

Bethesda announced earlier this year that it would discontinue the Bethesda Launcher on May 11, so games would no longer be playable, but game libraries would still be stored for transfer to another service. The company was still working on a transfer tool, which is finally live. Anyone with a account can head to the Transfer Library page to start the process, which first requires connecting a Steam account.


The transfer tool moves your game library to Steam, and in-game purchases (like Atoms in Fallout 76) are also copied. In preparation for the transfer tool, Bethesda has also published games on Steam that were only previously available on the Bethesda Launcher: The Elder Scrolls Arena, The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall, Creation Kit for Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. transfer confirmation message

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Transferring games isn’t entirely a seamless process, though. If you have games with save files stored locally, you’ll have to move the save files to the Steam folder afterwards. Bethesda has a support article with detailed instructions for moving save files, if you need it.

I just tried the transfer process myself, and even though the actual transfer was completed in a matter of seconds (the only game I had purchased was Fallout 76), I did have an error when I first tried to connect my Steam account. After a quick search in my Gmail archives, I found out I made a different account several years ago, which was still linked to my Steam account. Steam doesn’t have an easy way to revoke third-party authorizations, so I had to do a password reset on my old Bethesda account, log into it, un-link it from Steam, then log out and link my current account to Steam.

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