Binary Watch Face brings the 1s and 0s to your Wear OS smartwatch because why not

Binary Watch Face brings the 1s and 0s to your Wear OS smartwatch because why not

You’re either a watch person or you aren’t. Before cell phones became so popular, watches were much more attractive to carry around because they are the most convenient way to keep track of the time. Customers had the choice of athletic watches, stylish watches, and even novelty watches (think about the first calculator watch). Some of these fads faded while others took their place, but once cell phones became the norm it changed the watch industry. Those who didn’t like them but had to use them to tell time just started looking at their phone instead.

The introduction of the smartwatch changed things up as it gave the user the ability to personalize their watch more. Those who hadn’t worn a watch in decades began wearing them for the features they introduced. The custom watch face has been one of the most popular features and there are thousands available in the Play Store with some apps giving you the ability to create your own. This has allowed even the most unique among us to express their passion. Those who are a fan of binary themes can grab this free Binary Watch Face on their Wear OS smartwatch thanks to XDA Junior Member +0-.


You can find the Google Play link down below and the source code can be found on GitHub right here.

Binary Watch Face
Developer: golovchenko
Price: Free

Check out Binary Watch Face in our Wear OS forum

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