Bixby Routines can now be sideloaded on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9

Bixby Routines can now be sideloaded on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9

Tasker is the most popular automation app for Android phones, but its functionality and workflow is for intermediate users or those who take the time to learn how the app works. For more basic tasks, there are other third-party apps such as Automate. In terms of first-party features, Apple has its Shortcuts feature on iOS, but stock Android doesn’t have such a feature as Google’s Rules is a Pixel-exclusive feature for now. Last year, Samsung released Bixby Routines, a new Bixby feature, as part of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series launch. While the functionality of Bixby Routines couldn’t match Tasker’s functionality, it worked well at its own beginner-level use cases. The app is available on the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy Note 10 series, the Galaxy Fold, and was rolled out as an update for the Galaxy A50. It’s also available on Samsung’s newer A series phones. However, the company hasn’t rolled out Bixby Routines for its older flagships, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Now, Android Police has tested that sideloading the latest version of the Bixby Routines app works on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 running Android 10-based One UI 2 without root. It also works for some users on older devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 9 Pie.


Bixby Routines on the Samsung Galaxy S10e

Rooted One UI users have been able to install Bixby Routines since last March, but those users who were stuck with locked bootloaders or who coudn’t root for any other reason have missed out on the app until now. Even now, Samsung hasn’t officially released Bixby Routines for the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note 9. However, the workaround is simple. Galaxy S9/Galaxy Note 9 users running Android 10-based One UI 2 can download the app from APKMirror and install it, and then check for the new Bixby Routines option in their phone’s settings app, Settings > Advanced features. The option should be at the top and it will be enabled by default. Tapping on the option will access Bixby Routines, which is a list of configurable settings that the phone automates on certain occasions, for example. The app will function identically compared to the Galaxy S10/Galaxy Note 10.

The only difference is that users will need to manually add the Bixby Routines quick settings toggle if they want to have such a toggle; it isn’t added automatically. This is an easy fix, however; open the button order editor from the overflow menu and drop the toggle in the active toggles section.

Android Police was able to specifically verify that this works on an unlocked Galaxy S9 running the latest Android 10-based One UI 2. Several users have now confirmed it works on the Galaxy Note 9 as well. As for the Galaxy S8 running Android 9, it seems some users have been able to use it without issues, while others are facing app crashes and other problems.

As this workaround is unofficial, it’s always possible that Samsung will be alerted to it and disable Bixby Routines access on its 2018 flagships. On the other hand, the company could also be planning to add it to the Galaxy S9/Galaxy Note 9 with a future update. Regardless, users don’t need to wait as they can get the app up and running by simply sideloading it for now.

Download Bixby Routines from APKMirror | Via: Android Police

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