Hands-on with the Doogee BL 5000: FHD, 4GB RAM, 5050mAh Battery [Only $145]

Hands-on with the Doogee BL 5000: FHD, 4GB RAM, 5050mAh Battery [Only $145]

We recently got a chance to get our hands on an amazing budget phone that could be a big game changer for entry level Android devices. The BL5000 packs a serious punch for only a fraction of the price of its competition. Budget smartphones are stepping up their game in 2017. The latest manufacture putting out some seriously competitive devices is Doogee. The BL 5000 is going for less than $150, which is an insanely good deal while boasting features like 4GB of RAM, an amazing dual-lens camera, a stunning full HD display and a massive 5,050mAh battery.

A dual camera setup is used to capture amazing photos with the BL5000.

The BL5000 gets a crazy 650nits of brightness out of its full HD display.

This phone comes with a fingerprint sensor to ensure you’re not skipping out on any of the essentials. Also, the phone curves from left to right and also from top to bottom, making it super nice to hold.

The display puts out 650nits of brightness. That makes this phone brighter than both the iPhone 7 and the Xiaomi Mi 6, even though these phones are significantly more expensive. The screen size is a comfortable 5.5″ and has a 1920x1080p resolution. Pair this with a battery life that will leave other flagships in the dust and you’ve got yourself a deal that you cannot beat.

Doogee BL5000Specs
Display5.5″ 1920x1080p

The back cover uses 15 layers of glass to create unique reflections that shine from every angle.

With curved designs on the back and front of the phone, the BL5000 creates a seamless frame that fits perfectly in your hand.

The fast charging technology lets you charge your phone to 40% in only 10 minutes. And OMG…it has a headphone jack!

Right now the Doogee BL5000 is on sale for $145.97. You won’t find a better price for a phone with these specs, so don’t miss out on this killer deal!

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