Black Shark’s joystick controller costs only ₹2 if you own a Black Shark 2

Black Shark’s joystick controller costs only ₹2 if you own a Black Shark 2

With the rise of new entrants in the category of gaming smartphones, we’ve also witnessed the phenomenon of competitive pricing taking over the niche. Black Shark is among the companies which are at the top of the game in the segment. The company primarily operates in China and India, as these are two of the most exciting markets in terms of opportunities for sellers and manufacturers. They launched Black Shark 2 in India earlier this year and is now announcing a joystick controller which can be used with the gaming smartphone.

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At the time of the launch in India, Black Shark had showcased some accessories including Nintendo’s Joycon-style left and right controllers along with a gamepad-shaped dock, a USB-C headset, and a detachable cooling fan with different modes. These accessories weren’t immediately available for sale in India but the left-side controller with a joystick, customizable direction buttons, and two shoulder buttons is now available for sale in India.

This controller connects via Bluetooth with the smartphone and has a 340mAH battery inside can be charged using a USB-C port at the bottom. To hook the controller, you’ll need a side-mount which can be purchased separately. The controllers are also compatible with the Redmi K20/K20 Pro.

Effectively free for Black Shark 2 owners

While the controller is priced at ₹2,999 and the holder mount at ₹499, Black Shark has an exciting offer for users in India. Users who’ve already bought the Black Shark 2 or planning to buy it soon will be able to purchase the bundle by paying ₹1 for each of the two products (₹2 in total).

The offer can be availed after you complete your purchase by going to the Rewards section on Flipkart. This offer is not available currently but can be availed between September 15th and October 15th.

Meanwhile, both the 128GB and 256GB variants of the Black Shark 2 are discounted by ₹5,000 for the current Independence Day sale on Flipkart.

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