BlackBerry and Google’s New Partnership

BlackBerry and Google’s New Partnership

In a move that adds credence to many recent rumors, BlackBerry Limited has recently bought two domains: and This almost certainly confirms the existence of an upcoming Android powered BlackBerry device and also sheds some light on why this move is being made when looked at along side today’s announcement on a partnership between Google and BlackBerry.

It was hardly a surprise when the company also announced an update to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 yesterday, offering enhanced multi-OS support and integrating Samsung KNOX and Android for work. While many people believe that BlackBerry is moving to Android off the back of poor sales, it is much more likely that this move is to showcase their enhanced security suite. With BES12’s update today to 12.2 comes the addition of:

A new Samsung KNOX Workspace. Users of BES12 can now manage devices with Samsung KNOX, meaning that they can use Samsung Galaxy devices in a work and personal mode as well as a Workspace only mode. This allows companies more choice when secure devices are required “all with the high level of security and privacy they expect from BlackBerry and Samsung.”

With Android for Work integration, users are now offered enhanced security and simplified management options. The update is said to integrate seamlessly between BES and Android allowing for creation of dedicated profiles for both corporate and personal information. This aims to eliminate the need for app wrapping and provides users with access to any Android application available on Google Play that is permitted by a company’s IT policies. Along with these updates come other smaller changes such as BlackBerry 10 integration with BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus, which provides secure access to a company’s content without the need for VPNs. Also included is support for Apple Device Enrolment Program, allowing for simpler large-scale deployment of iDevices in the workplace.

The two domains in question and .net now redirect you to a page announcing their new partnership and just what it means to potential customers. A 60 day free trial of BES12 is also available.

“BlackBerry® and Google™ are working closely together to set new standards in enterprise mobile security for organizations deploying Android™ devices.”

The site does focus on Android Lollipop which by now is the expected OS for the potential BlackBerry Venice. A device which while not being confirmed yet has been the subject of many rumours recently.

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