BlackBerry Motion, TCL’s First All-Touchscreen Android Smartphone, Has Leaked

BlackBerry Motion, TCL’s First All-Touchscreen Android Smartphone, Has Leaked

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Since TCL acquired licensing rights to the BlackBerry brand name, the company has been pumping out phone after phone. The two DTEK phones were said to be trial devices to see if the licensing program would catch on, and in our opinion they were fairly decent smartphones (though the lack of software support for the Priv proved to be a disappointment). TCL is looking to release an all-touchscreen Android smartphone in the near future, as previously reported. Now that device, allegedly code-named Krypton, has been leaked. The BlackBerry Motion is said to be the Krypton, and a new high-quality render shows off the front of the device in all of its glory.

The first time we had heard about this device was back in August when a mysterious BlackBerry device passed through the Bluetooth SIG. Then last month a live photo was shared on BBM Channels that made headlines around the Android community. While it wasn’t certain the smartphone in the picture was this mysterious BlackBerry smartphone, all signs suggested the rumors were on the right track. Then it was François Mahieu, head of global sales for TCL, who said their new phone had indeed passed through the Bluetooth SIG, Wi-Fi Alliance, and FCC.

Now Evan Blass (@evleaks) has posted a render of what is presumably the Blackberry Motion, the mysterious all-touchscreen Blackberry device we’ve all been waiting for.

The device is said to be released sometime in October and will be IP67 water resistant and dust-proof. The current rumored specifications have it with the Snapdragon 625 (or 626) chipset from Qualcomm, 4GBs of RAM, and a 4,000mAh capacity battery. The front of the device is housing a 1080p display and allegedly the fingerprint scanner will be integrated directly into the home button. This is interesting because the render leaked by Evan Blass has it using a unique home button with the BlackBerry logo embedded on it.

The mid-range SoC previously mentioned in rumors even line up with a follow-up tweet from Mr. Blass that states the BlackBerry Motion will not be a flagship smartphone from TCL. Since we’re already in the month of October, we’ll just have to wait and see how these rumors pan out since we should be close to its release date.