BlackBerry Signs a Patent License Agreement with BLU Products

BlackBerry Signs a Patent License Agreement with BLU Products

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With BlackBerry no longer designing and selling their own smartphones, the company has been looking to leverage their assets in other ways. The company posted some impressive financial results recently thanks to their new focus on enterprise software and they’re still involved in the smartphone market. One such way is with the vast number of patents they own and they have just announced a new patent license agreement with BLU Products.

BlackBerry has been working with various smartphone OEMs in a number of ways. They recently announced a new software program that makes it easier for OEMs to license their Android ROM, called BlackBerry Secure, and they’re working on other software platforms for Android and iOS as well. The company’s partnership with TCL just enabled them to launch the BlackBerry Motion so all of this work has allowed the brand name to live on in the smartphone market.

They do a lot of business behind the scenes too, as mentioned with the number of patents they currently own. Companies have a choice to either pay for individual licenses for each patented technology they use with their smartphone, or they can do a package deal. Sometimes companies ignore patents and they are generally able to get away with this for a certain period of time. Once word gets around though, the one who owns the patents generally file a lawsuit for punitive damages.

This is what had happened with BlackBerry and BLU and now it has been settled thanks to this patent license agreement between the two companies. This agreement will result in settlement of current patent litigation between both BlackBerry and BLU as well as a withdrawal of pending actions in the United States. From here on out, BLU will continue to pay BlackBerry for the patents they had been using and will continue to use in their smartphones.

Source: Marketwired