BlackBerry Will Receive $940 Million from Qualcomm in Arbitration

BlackBerry Will Receive $940 Million from Qualcomm in Arbitration

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Back in April, we informed that Qualcomm would have to pay almost $815 million to BlackBerry over a royalties dispute. New numbers arrived, and the chipmaker must pay $940 million to BlackBerry for its patent practices. The final settlement agreement obliges Qualcomm to pay the full amount before May 31.

Qualcomm is the biggest chipmaker for mobile devices. Its processors are used in most flagship devices available on the market today, and their mid-range chipsets have gained solid ground and popularity. Qualcomm and BlackBerry came together to discuss how much money the latter company paid to use the patents held by Qualcomm. BlackBerry felt that the amount was unreasonably high and requested an arbitration. The process revealed that Qualcomm might have made BlackBerry overpay for its products.

Arbitration decided and dictated the compensation award will be a total amount of $940 million, including interests and attorney fees. This decision is a huge deal to BlackBerry, as the last quarter of the year brought in $286 million of revenue to this once-famous OEM, and in 2017 it is poised to bring better devices through its partner manufacturer.

It’s not the first time that we see Qualcomm in a quarrel, as the company has been tackled by Apple and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, with both cases still in development.

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