Bliss 6.4 ROM Review

Bliss 6.4 ROM Review

So you may not have heard of bliss ROM before but it’s essentially a CM13 based ROM with features added from a few various other ROMs. The ROM is updated on a regular basis with the latest CM13 code.

Here we will give you a short over view of what you’ll find in Bliss ROM 6.4 on the Nexus 6P.

When you go into your settings menu, you’ll find the Bliss Setting option where you’ll have access to all of your customization settings and tweaks. You can change the system animations for opening and closing activities, opening images, and the animations for moving between apps.


You can also change the toast animation which is the little round prompt that show up at the bottom of the screen. There are plenty of tweaks for the toast animation to make it behave exactly as you want it to.



You can also change the animations for list views. Create awesome effects for when you’re scrolling through lists in the Android OS.

This will work on any kind of lists that’s part of the main user interface. It’s a really fun tweak that you’ll probably get addicted to after a while of using it.

All of these awesome animation tweaks combined can really change the way your phone feels when you’re navigating your system.


Customization extends to the navigation buttons. Sure you can turn them on and off but you can also change the color to be whatever you want.


You might also recognize some features from SlimROM like SlimDim. This dims your nav bar when it isn’t being used.

The CM clock has been baked into the Bliss ROM along with the weather and calendar app. Of course you’ll have plenty of customization for these features as well.vlcsnap-2016-07-09-08h03m02s922

There’s plenty of other fantastic things about this ROM so we suggest you try it out for yourself! Use the link below to download Bliss ROM for your Nexus 6P.

[ROM][OFFICIAL][6.0.1][Shamu] Bliss Rom 6.4 by Team Bliss


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