Bliss OS 14 brings Android 11 to your x86 desktop PC

Bliss OS 14 brings Android 11 to your x86 desktop PC

The first alpha build of Bliss OS 14 is out, making it one of the first Android 11-based ROMs supporting the x86 environment. The build is obviously not stable, but it is proof that the developers are heading in the right direction. For those who don’t know, Bliss OS is an open-source Android-x86-based project that is available for most x86 PCs and incorporates many bleeding-edge features and expanded device support. In short, it gives a new life to your old and aging laptop, desktop, or tablet device.

The latest build includes a ‘minimal’ version of Bliss OS that uses kernel 5.8, mesa 20.1.0, etc. The developers have managed to extract libndk_translation and GApps from Google’s emulator images. While it is a work in progress, the developers have also managed to overcome some of the early issues to run ARM and ARM64 apps on the PC builds. The source code can be accessed over here.


Android 11 does not allow users to hide the navbar. Hence as a workaround, “we have to use the old qemu.hw.mainkeys as a backup plan, so there is a script ( that can be used to disable/enable the soft navbar and use Taskbar if you prefer. Just remember that you will need to remount / as RW (mount -o remount,rw /dev/loop(0) /) Use cat proc/mounts to see where / is mounted for your install.

One of the newest members at the Bliss OS team and creator of Gearlock, @AXIM0S has also added Rusty-Magisk to the ROM allowing for a built-in compatibility layer with Magisk. Having said that, most Magisk modules are not functional, but development is ongoing. Recently, team Bliss had updated Bliss OS to versions 11.12 and 11.13, bringing support for ARM64 emulation and Magisk.

bliss os 14 android 11 alpha

Here is also the build info shared via the official forum post:

All Builds Include:

  • Updated to Kernel-5.8
  • Script for disabling navbar
  • Taskbar (Desktop Mode Launcher)
  • Launcher3 (normal tablet mode launcher)
  • Lots more, check the changelog

Known new issues:

  • Sleep states aren’t working right on a few machines. Some can cause SystemUI to restart.
  • Some machines still have volume/sound issues, use 3rd party EQ or volume control.
  • Bluetooth on some devices
  • Rotation not working on some devices
  • Most magisk modules
  • Some ARM/ARM64 apps still do not work. Gimme logs
  • No Alt-f1/f7 console this round. If you need to mount as RW, or need access to root console, please boot in debug mode or add DEBUG=(0/1/2) for logging level.
  • Some soundcards still start up quiet AF, please use an EQ app like Volume Booster by Goodev or follow the last instructions from Android-x86 docs/groups.
  • Widevine is not working yet, enjoy most other video formats for the moment
  • Firefox browser force quits on some machines.

Try out Bliss OS on your machine and share your experience!

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