The Blue Yeti and Snowball mics get a heavy discount for Amazon Prime Day

The Blue Yeti and Snowball mics get a heavy discount for Amazon Prime Day

A dedicated microphone is one of the best accessories you can add to your work or gaming setup. A good quality microphone can make you sound better on video calls, meetings, discord chats while gaming and more. It is, in fact, a crucial piece of equipment for podcast and other content creation workloads. There’s no shortage of microphones on the market, but we think Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball mics are two of the best microphones you can buy right now based on your budget. If you’ve been eyeing either of these mics for your setup, then now is the best time to snag them as they’re on sale for Prime Day.


Blue Yeti is just $88 for Prime Day

A white-colored Blue Yeti microphone kept in a recording studio setup

The Blue Yeti is the more expensive microphone out of the two, but it’s down to just $88 for Prime Day. It’s a versatile mic that comes with three mics for four pickup patterns. There’s a patterns selector on the body of this mic along with a knob to adjust the gain. There’s also a headphone jack to connect your studio monitors. This particular mic is perfect for podcasting and professional content creation workloads, but it can also be used for more casual use cases like gaming, video calls, and more.

    The Blue Yeti microphone is an excellent microphone to start your own podcast with.

Blue Snowball Ice for $40 is great for beginners

A person using a black-colored Blue Snowball Ice microphone on a table

The Blue Snowball Ice is relatively affordable and is perfect for beginners who are looking to take their audio setup a bit more seriously. The Blue Snowball comes in black and white colorways and it also comes with a small tripod stand to help you set it up on the table. It may not be as sophisticated as the Blue Yeti as it only supports three pickup patterns, but it’s still an excellent choice for those working with a small setup with limited space. As a part of the Amazon Prime Day sale, the Blue Snowball Ice is available for just $40, making it even better than it already is.

    The Blue Snowball Ice microphone is an affordable alternative to the Blue Yeti. It's great for a budget studio setup.

Both the Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball are two of the best microphones on the market right now. The Yeti is better suited for a more professional setup, whereas the Snowball is great for anybody who is looking to upgrade from, say, a built-in microphone attached to headphones.

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