Bluecoins is a simple-to-use personal finance app with tools for budgeting and account management

Bluecoins is a simple-to-use personal finance app with tools for budgeting and account management

When it comes to personal finance management apps, the Google Play Store has tons of great options to choose from. But most of these apps could be a bit difficult to use for those of you who have no prior experience with such apps. So if you’ve been on the lookout for an easy-to-use, yet effective, personal finance app then you should definitely check out Bluecoins.

The app includes all the features you’d expect from a personal finance manager and helps you keep track of your expenses with detailed expense reports. The main dashboard on Bluecoins lists out a daily summary of your expenses, along with a calendar view that highlights when your salary was credited and when you made an expense. You also get a detailed budget summary with a graph that showcases all your expenses divided into different categories. Along with that, you also get an overview of your net earnings and credit card summary. All the data is accompanied by detailed graphs that help you easily track everything in real-time.

To the left of the main dashboard on Bluecoins, you’ll find separate tabs detailing your transactions, payment reminders, a detailed balance sheet, a budget summary and more. Tracking expenses with the app is quite easy because it lets you customize and create your own tags to label all expenses. Adding an expense is as simple as tapping on the plus icon in the bottom right corner and entering all the required details on the following screen. The app is designed quite well and it has even received the Play Store Editors’ Choice award for the same. If you’ve been struggling to manage your finances, then Bluecoins is definitely worth a shot. Download the app from the link below and check it out for yourself.

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