Bluetti Releases New Power Stations with Hot Swapping Modules

Bluetti Releases New Power Stations with Hot Swapping Modules

Portable power stations are growing in popularity, as technology improves and power outages become more frequent. When you’re investing in a power station, modularity is one of the things you should look for. You can start small, and expand if you decide you need more power later. Bluetti’s newest products are designed as an affordable entry into a full-solution power backup plan.

AC200 MAX and B230

After the success of the AC200P, Buetti listened closely to dedicated users, about what they should include next. The AC200 MAX is an update to this power station and includes some fantastic new features. For users that decide to invest in the AC200 MAX, they’ll be able to include up to two B230 or B300 matter modules. This allows you to expand your power station as needed, without having to buy a whole new unit. You can have a total of 8192Wh and 900 watts of solar input charging.


For people that are looking for a power station to include in their RV, the AC200 MAX has a specially designed built-in 30A NEMA TT-30 outlet. Everything on your power station can be controlled remotely from the companion app, which connects via Bluetooth.

Bluetti AC200 MAX and B230

Bluetti AC200 MAX and B230 are now available at Bluetti power week, starting at $500 OFF. Click here to learn more

AC300 and B300

For people who are looking for more power, the AC300 is a massive 3000w pure sine wave inverter. This unit is able to support a large amount of power, with its modular design. Pair an AC300 with at least one B300 battery to get 3072Wh of power. You can attach up to four of these batteries to achieve a total of 12,228Wh of capacity.

Bluetti understands that modularity is important in all of their power stations, and even lets you go further by using the Fusion Box Pro. This unit will allow you to pair two AC300s together, boosting the entire system up to 240V, 6000W. At this point, you can use eight of the B300 battery modules, for a total of 24,576Wh of capacity. This is enough to power everything in your home for up to a week.

For charging options, the AC300 is able to support 2400W solar input, while the fully stacked version allows for 10,400W. This is ideal for any long-term power outages that could last more than a few days.

Bluetti AC300 and B300

Bluetti will release the 3,000-watt AC300 on September, 15th. You may enter here to get the $800 OFF early bird discount by subscribing.

B230 and B300 Battery Modules

The two new battery modules can be charged and discharged as a standalone power module. Both models feature various DC outlets, including a 100W USB-C, a 12V/10A car output, and some USB-A ports.

You can expect both battery modules to be able to soak up 500W of AC power via an AC to DC adapter. The B300 has its own 200W (MPPT-ready) solar inlet that can be used when your power storage is running low, the next time you and your friends are out camping off-grid.

Bluetti B230 and B300 Battery Modules

Power Week Sale

Take advantage of the Power Week sale over at Bluetti to get huge discounts on these new products. In addition to these new launches, you’ll also be able to find discounts on the following products:

  • AC200P is now at $1599 ($400 off)
  • EB240 for $1399 ($500 off)
  • EB55 for only $449 ($100 off)

For more information, please visit the Bluetti Power Week Campaign Page.

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