Bluetti Releases PV120/PV200 Solar Panels

Bluetti Releases PV120/PV200 Solar Panels

The power station company Bluetti is constantly pushing the boundaries and improving the technology behind portable power stations. Their products come in sizes for every type of situation, whether you need something small for short camping trips, or you’re looking for a full backup solution for power outages. Bluetti is one of the best options to stay prepared for any type of situation where you’ll need power. Now they are going a step further by offering two new solar panels for charging your power station.

Are you expecting to find yourself off-grid on a camping trip any time soon? You can bring your Bluetti power station with you, as well as one of their new solar panels, as a way to stay charged even when you don’t have access to any electricity source. With a portable and lightweight design, these modular solar panels are the key to being totally power-independent.


Compare the new PV120/PV200 models to the previous options:

Bluetti PV200 vs. SP200

Model: PV200 [NEW] SP200 PV120 [NEW] SP120
Wattage 200W 200W 120W 120W
Cell Type Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Monocrystalline
Cell Connection Type Parallel Series Parallel Series


23.2*24.8 inch 20.5*20.7 inch 21*18.5 inch 16.3*16.1 inch
Dimension (Unfolded) 23.2*89.2 inch 20.5*86.6 inch 21*65 inch 16.3*66.1 inch
Weight 16.1 lbs 14.3 lbs 12.6 lbs 9.5 lbs
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 26.1V 24V 24.4V 23.7V
Cell Efficiency Up to 23.4% 23% Up to 23.4% 23%
Warranty 2-year worry-free warranty 2-year worry-free warranty 2-year worry-free warranty 2-year worry-free warranty

Overall Design

With the release of the new PV series, the designs come with some major improvements. The handle has undergone some improvements, using a blue ABS material. The PV series features a one-piece waterproof coating design that encapsulates all of the solar cells, while the panels on the SP series are stitched together on one giant raw canvas.

Bluetti PV200 vs. SP200 Handle Design

An improved kickstand design gives the PV200 more angle adjusting options. Both the PV and SP series are similar in dimensions. However, the PV series solar panels are heavier by about two pounds. This is due to the advanced waterproof coating.

Bluetti PV200 vs. SP200 Kickstand Design


The Bluetti PV200 opts for a monocrystalline design, which uses a single large silicon crystal. Monocrystalline panels are arguably the most effective because they’re able to produce a high amount of power even when sunlight is lacking. When it comes to efficiency, monocrystalline solar panels are the best. While they’re the most expensive of the three types (Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Amorphous), they’re usually the most durable and least sensitive to high temperatures.

This is why both Bluetti’s PV and SP solar panels are made of monocrystalline, resulting in overall efficiency of around 23%~24%. Bluetti claims these are the best portable solar panels on the market.

Monocrystalline vs. Polycrystalline

Shading Performance

You’ll obviously want to try to avoid shade when setting up your PV200 solar panel, but sometimes it is unavoidable. If one panel is shaded even partially, this will bring down the production of the whole system. In the SP200 panels, when 10% of the panel is covered in shade, you will experience as much of a 40% power loss.

To improve this issue, Bluetti changed the connection type of solar battery cells in the PV series. These new solar panels now use a parallel connection, which means each circuit on the panel can run as an individual and at the same voltage. You will only lose power from cells directly covered in shade.

Bluetti PV200 vs. SP200 Shaded Performance

Where To Buy

Bluetti’s new PV panels are currently on sale with solar generator bundles. The 200W PV200 was listed for $549 per piece, and the 120W version for $399, but with an AC200P and three PV200 bundles, you can get the 200W panels for as low as $425 each.

The sale will end at 7:00pm PDT on September 30th. Grab your discount while it lasts.

Bluetti PV Solar Panels

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