BLUETTI Shows Off Innovative NA300, AC500, and EB3A Power Systems at CES

BLUETTI Shows Off Innovative NA300, AC500, and EB3A Power Systems at CES

CES is the biggest tech event of the year and BLUETTI made an appearance to show off some of their latest products. In the world of solar power stations, BLUETTI has been the best in product innovation. They offer a large selection of power station solutions, for different situations. These are the products that were featured at CES 2022.


Right now there isn’t much information published about the products in the images above, so details will likely come soon. The AC500 and B301 are new power stations that are designed to power your home electronics in the event of a full power outage. The EB3A will be a new portable solution, for campers and off-grid situations. The NA300 and B480 are expandable sodium-ion power stations with massive power capabilities.


BLUETTI’s impressive booth can be seen in these photos, where their latest products were shown off. You can get a better idea of the size of each power station where you see them displayed in this CES booth.

Make sure you look for future coverage of these new BLUETTI products where we will go into further details on the specs of each device.

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