BOE showcases a gaming monitor with an insane 500Hz refresh rate

BOE showcases a gaming monitor with an insane 500Hz refresh rate

The Chinese display maker BOE has showcased a new display panel which sets a new benchmark in the world of gaming monitors. BOE’s new monitor offers a refresh rate of up to 500Hz, surpassing the current best monitors that can reach up to 360Hz.

The 27-inch monitor uses a high-mobility oxide TFT technology and offers full HD 1080p resolution (via Videocardz). The lower resolution is understandable considering the insanely high 500Hz refresh rate of the display. Even current 360Hz monitors are limited to 1080p resolution. The panel uses an 8-lane DisplayPort connection and offers a 1ms response time and 8-bit color gamut support.


BOE is one of the leading manufacturers of LCD, LED and OLED panels. The company is a market leader in the oxide semiconductor display market. It also makes foldable displays, which have been featured on smartphones like the Motorola Razr and Huawei Mate X.

BOE has shared a teaser video showcasing the prototype monitor in action:

“With years of technology accumulation, BOE has made important breakthroughs in the field of oxide semiconductor display technology, overcoming industry problems such as copper (Cu) easy to diffuse, easy to oxidize, and easy to drill and engrave, and is the first in the industry to achieve mass production of copper interconnect stack structures. And the integration of high refresh rate, high resolution, low power consumption oxide display technology,” reports Chinese publication (machine-translated by Google).

Note that this monitor is a prototype unit, meant for demonstration only. We don’t know when, if ever, BOE plans to commercially launch a monitor with a 500Hz refresh rate. BOE also didn’t detail whether there are any tangible benefits of having a display that offers a whopping 500Hz refresh rate. In any case, you’ll definitely need one of the best graphics cards out there to drive this thing.

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