Bootloader Unlock Codes for the LG V30 (H930/H930G Models) are Now Available

Bootloader Unlock Codes for the LG V30 (H930/H930G Models) are Now Available

The last update to LG’s bootloader unlock program added the unlocked US model of the LG G6 (US997). Since then, the LG V30 has been announced, and released in select markets. It still hasn’t seen a wider roll-out yet, but it has been available for more than a month in markets such as the US.  However, development for the device hasn’t started yet, because of one simple reason: there was no official bootloader unlock available, up until now.

LG has added the H930 and the H930G models of the LG V30 to its bootloader unlock program. The H930 is the unlocked European variant, while the H930G is an Italy-only model. Both of them are single SIM variants of the V30. Owners of these variants of the V30 can now head over to LG’s site and get the bootloader unlock codes.


Unlocking the bootloader allows custom recoveries such as TWRP to be flashed. Developers have already started work on getting TWRP up and running. An alpha build of TWRP has been released by XDA Recognized Developer jcadduono. The developer says that things like OTG storage, MTP and ADB have been confirmed to work, but other things such as backup / restore and SuperSU haven’t been tested yet. Also, he notes that the proprietary encryption on LG’s stock ROMs will probably never work.

Releasing the bootloader unlock codes means that, potentially, LG V30 owners could have the chance to flash AOSP custom ROMs such as LineageOS in the future. However, it’s currently too early to make bold predictions, and we’re yet to see how the story of the V30’s development will unfold. If the device gets popular among developers, then it’s good news for all parties involved, especially for enthusiast users.

It’s worth noting that LG still hasn’t added the unlocked US model of the V30 (US998) to the bootloader unlock program. As the V20 and the G6’s unlocked US models were eventually added, we expect to see LG add the US unlocked V30 model to the program in the near future. However, owners of US carrier variants or regional dual-SIM variants of the V30 are out of luck.

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