Borderlight Live Wallpaper brings color to the edges of your phone

Borderlight Live Wallpaper brings color to the edges of your phone

The community that has developed here at XDA is truly amazing. Enthusiasts of Android gather together on our forums to do many things. Some help others by answering questions in the Q/A forums while others generously share their work with the community which can result in people starting to learn to code, refine their existing apps, and more. We recently covered a live wallpaper for the OnePlus 6 called Borderlight from XDA Junior Member dax105. At the time it was exclusive to the OnePlus 6, but due to popular demand the developer has come back with an updated version.

While some look at the trends within the smartphone community as a negative, others look at it as a way to show off their skills. The slim bezels of the OnePlus 6 was a great canvas for dax105 to show off their Borderlight live wallpaper application and it had an interesting look to it because of the shape of the phone’s notch. While the application was specifically made for the OnePlus 6, a comment in our original coverage had a user (RobboW) who said they installed the app on their Axon 7.


Running on the LG V40

The application worked just fine, but since the border was specifically made for the OnePlus 6, the same light border showed up on their device. So yesterday dax105 released an updated version of the Borderlight live wallpaper that would adapt to the screen edges of all devices. The application hasn’t been tested on every single device so there could be some anomalies that show up on various devices. However, the developer seems to be very active and willing to add new features. In fact, this initial new app was released just yesterday and there’s already been an update released with new features, bug fixes, and more. You can download the new APK in the XDA forum thread below and the latest changelog can be found right here.

  • Background image support
  • Only show border when locked/unlocked
  • Desaturate/darken/hide background image when locked/unlocked
  • Black out clipped parts of the screen – the wallpaper looks good on screenshots now
  • Shorter, less annoying preset codes (with support for the old ones)
  • Correct rendering in landscape mode
  • Wider range of border radii – will now support Pixel 3 XL

Download Borderlight Live Wallpaper

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