Borderlight Live Wallpaper highlights the borders of the OnePlus 6

Borderlight Live Wallpaper highlights the borders of the OnePlus 6

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The smartphone industry is moving toward a point where the goal is to create a smartphone without any bezels at all. We’ve seen a couple of these devices released already and they’ve had to come up with unique ways to handle the camera situation instead of including a notch like the OnePlus 6 and many others have. Others have embraced the notch and we’ll continue to see these notches included in smartphones until something more affordable and reliable is created by smartphone OEMs.

Even with the notch though, the ultra slim bezels that we’ve been seeing are opening up some unique software opportunities for developers. This includes the live wallpaper that was recently released by XDA Junior Member dax105 called “Borderlight.” It illuminates the very outside edges of the OnePlus 6 with the gradient also shifting colors just like you would expect from a live wallpaper. As of right now, the application is simple and doesn’t do much other than illuminate the edges with shifting colors (meaning there are no settings at this time), but the developer is open to suggestion from the community for some ideas that would make more use of the software.

Borderlight Live Wallpaper

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