Borderlight Live Wallpaper gets updated to support the OnePlus 6T and other waterdrop notch phones

Borderlight Live Wallpaper gets updated to support the OnePlus 6T and other waterdrop notch phones

Notches have been the highlight of 2018, and they are going to be here in 2019 as well. While we can wait for OEMs to adapt their way to more innovative design trends that eliminates the notch, for now, notches are your best bet to achieve maximum screen real estate on the front of your device. And if you use the innovative Borderlight Live Wallpaper app, you can put the notch to some good cosmetic use too.

Borderlight Live Wallpaper by XDA Member dax105 creates a thin, multi-colored borderline on the edge of your phone’s display. It also lets you set a regular background image behind the edge highlight, and darken/desaturate it when the device is locked/unlocked.


The latest update to the app has brought in support for the OnePlus 6T and other waterdrop/teardrop notch phones through new notch settings. In addition to this, a pink highlight has been added to the shape configuration screen, making it easier to set up the screen shape just right. The app is now also available through the Google Play Store, allowing the developer to push updates much easier and reach a wider audience.

Borderlight Live Wallpaper on the OnePlus 6T

The developer is also trying to incorporate an autodetect feature for the next update to the app by crowdsourcing the screen shape settings for different phones. If you would like to help out, configure the screen shape in the app properly, tap “Export Settings” to copy the screen shape settings code to your clipboard, and share it with the developer here. Do mention your device model details to allow the developer to recognize and sort through different settings. If the task goes well, a future version of the live wallpaper will be able to automatically adapt to your device upon installation.

Borderlight Live Wallpaper in the Apps and Games forum

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