Bottom Quick Settings is an app that makes your shortcuts easier to reach

Bottom Quick Settings is an app that makes your shortcuts easier to reach

OEMs may be shrinking the bezels of our smartphones these days. One side effect of this is it makes the quick settings panel hard to reach with one hand. This typically requires you to do the one-handed shuffle to slowly slide the phone down your palm so your thumb can reach the top of the screen. Now, some OEMs offer a one-handed mode and Samsung is even evolving their software to work better with one hand. We also have an application called One-Handed Mode for those who own a device that doesn’t include this feature.

Without the help of such software, we put our smartphones at risk and this can be a bad idea with some devices costing $1,000 or more. XDA Member  TomBayley1 wanted to help out with this issue by creating an application called Bottom Quick Settings which puts the quick settings panel at the bottom of your screen. Not only that, but it is completely customizable so you can have your icons where you want them. The application works by letting you swipe your thumb up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the newly positioned quick settings panel, just like you would swipe it down from the top of the screen.


Bottom Quick Settings works on Android 5.0 and higher and comes with the following features:


  • Quick Setting Panel
  • 23 different settings to choose from
  • Add any app or URL as a shortcut in the panel
  • Change the screen brightness with a slider
  • Change the volume with a slider
  • Change the layout of the panel tiles (number of rows and columns)
  • Add/remove sliders to the panel e.g. for screen brightness or volume
  • Android Pie themed

Color Customisation

  • Change the colors of the panel background and the quick setting icons

Optional Root Features

  • Some settings require root to be toggled. This is because of security restrictions Android places on all apps.
  • With root, settings such as Mobile Data, Location, NFC and Airplane Mode can be toggled directly

Bottom Quick Settings
Bottom Quick Settings
Developer: Tom Bayley
Price: Free

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