Brave Browser adds a dark theme in version 1.4.0

Brave Browser adds a dark theme in version 1.4.0

When it comes to web browsers, Android offers users a variety of different options. You obviously have Chrome, but you also get access to amazing third-party browsers like Kiwi, Vivaldi, and Brave. These browsers include a couple of really cool features like native ad-blocking, Chrome extension support, cryptojacking protection, and more. But what makes Brave stand out is that it gives you the option to support your favorite websites (like XDA) by watching ads. And now, with the latest update, it even has a dark theme.

Changelog for Brave Browser v1.4.0 is as below:

  • Added new Dark Mode
  • Long pressing the + button now gives the option to open a private tab
  • It’s now easier to close out of settings
  • It’s now easier to delete download history
  • Other fixes

To turn on the new dark mode, you’ll have to tap on the three-dot menu button in the bottom right corner to head over to the settings. Here, you’ll need to tap on Appearance and then select Themes in the following page. Then tap on Dark and you’re done. The browser interface should now have a dark color scheme which is definitely great for your eyes. Sadly, the new theme isn’t completely black which means that you won’t save any power while using it on a phone with an AMOLED display.

Further, there’s another limitation to the dark theme on Brave. Even after you’ve turned it on, you’ll notice that web pages still don’t change color. For that, you’ll need to enable a Chrome flag.

To do so, you’ll have to head over to the Chrome flags page by typing chrome://flags in the address bar. Then search for dark in the following list of experimental flags and enable the Android web contents dark mode flag. Once that’s done, the browser will restart and you’ll notice that the web pages now also have a dark theme.

Download Brave Browser v.14.0

Brave Private Web Browser
Developer: Brave Software
Price: Free

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