Breaking News! HTC Will No Longer Lock Bootloaders!!!!111eleven

Breaking News! HTC Will No Longer Lock Bootloaders!!!!111eleven

Just about two hours ago, HTC’s CEO Peter Chou made a post in the official HTC’s Facebook page announcing that they actually listened to all the complains (kinda hard not to, unless you are living under the sea with no internet… or oxygen). But all joking aside, they just announced that because people are interested in tinkering with their devices, they have decided that they would no longer lock the bootloaders of their upcoming devices. Quite a turn of events but in retrospect, this was the right decision taken by HTC. A few moments after the announcement by the Taiwanese corporation, their Facebook page exploded with people saying thanks and promising to continue their undying devotion for the brand that introduced them to their passion for mobile devices. Truth be told, we are not sure who had the wonderful idea of spending all that time, money, and resources into locking the devices that much, but we are all certainly glad that this decision was overturned because of an angry mob. This is the perfect reminder for most large companies out there. Your customers will likely know far better than you what they want. Listening to them is a good idea usually because

  • Marketing becomes a lot simpler;
  • Knowing where you are headed on product development makes your goals more achievable;
  • Knowing the upcoming product requirements will likely minimize the number of requests for changes by the customer;
  • It will save you time;
  • and most of all…. it will be more profitable as you will keep your existing customer base intact.

So, if you want to regain your former glory, I would personally like to suggest (seeing how you are listening) to keep close relationships with your customers. There is little to lose and a lot to gain.

All in all, we thank you HTC, for making the right decision. Next time, save yourself some time and ask us first. Remember, we know what we want better than what you can tell us what we want.

You can find HTC’s Facebook page in here.

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