Bridge syncs your notifications between your Android smartphones and tablets

Bridge syncs your notifications between your Android smartphones and tablets

Being able to sync information between our connected devices has been a highly requested feature for a lot of people. These requests are typically about syncing notifications and SMS messages between a phone and a desktop or laptop PC, but there are times when syncing notifications between Android smartphones and tablets is the main goal as well. This is where an application called Bridge from XDA Senior Member elmalote comes into play, which will seamlessly sync notifications across all of the Android devices that you have the application installed on.

This is great for those who use a tablet around the house and don’t want to carry around their phone just to make sure they receive that SMS message, or social media notification. As long as you have some other Android device in your hands with the application installed (like a tablet or another Android device), then you’ll get that notification directly on the device.


Bridge Features:

  • Mirror your notifications to other Android devices
  • Reply, Like, Delete etc. directly from another device
  • Two-way sync – all your devices interact with each other
  • Whitelist – control which apps that can mirror notifications
  • Encryption – all data between devices can be encrypted
  • Battery charged notification – get notified when one of your devices is charged

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