Bring XKCD’s Innovative “Now” Comic to Your Home Screen!

Bring XKCD’s Innovative “Now” Comic to Your Home Screen!

I’d be willing to be a pretty penny that a good deal of our readers also happen to enjoy Randall Munroe’s delightfully nerdy webcomic XKCD. For the few who haven’t heard of it yet, go check it out. Now.

A few weeks ago, a rather interesting “comic” appeared on the site. But rather than serve as a comic in the traditional sense, XKCD Now is more of a useful reference tool that puts time zones into perspective by visually showing your what time it is in all the different parts of the globe. Now, XDA Forum Member Shef_ has turned this into a home screen widget, so you can always be aware of what time it is, anywhere in the world.

If you find yourself calling people across the globe or simply want an aesthetically appealing live wallpaper that brings a piece of XKCD to your home screen, you should give this widget a try. You can get started by visiting the application thread.

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