Bromite is another Google Chrome Port with Built-in Ad Blocking

Bromite is another Google Chrome Port with Built-in Ad Blocking

Most people find ads annoying — especially on smartphones. Advertisements suck up your phone’s mobile data, tax its hardware, and drain its battery, so it’s no wonder that ad blocking is on the rise. According to Page Fair, 11 percent of the global internet population uses some form of ad-blocking software. And with the introduction of ad blocking in Apple’s Safari browser on iOS 9, ads can now be blocked natively on pretty every major mobile platform. Android is the notable exception as ad blockers aren’t available on Play Store. Considering that Google’s business model is reliant on display ads, that’s not surprising.


But that hasn’t stopped the XDA development community from trying to get around the blockade. It’s achieved a measure of success asthere are a wide variety of ad-blocking apps to choose from including apps like AdAway, which completely block ads on Android, and flashing scripts like MoaAb, which block ads at a system level. But most require a rooted device, and while plenty of folks don’t mind rooting, there’s a sizable number of users who’d rather avoid the trouble altogether.

For those folks, standalone browsers are one of the best ad-blocking solutions. One’s called Bromite, and it’s basically Chromium with tweaks that enable ad blocking. (Chromium, for those unaware, is the open source version of Google’s Chrome browser.) Bromite’s a port of a NoChromo, another Chromium browser with ad blocking built in. If you’re looking for an easy way to block ads on your phone’s internet browser and don’t want to root, Bromite might be just the thing.

Bromite’s the latest in a growing number of ad-blocking Android browsers—another example is AdBlock Browser for Android. According to the developer, it started as an open-source project and includes several privacy-focused patches such as the conversion of AMP search results from Google search results.

With any luck, Google might introduce its own ad-blocking solution soon. The search giant has already started blocking certain ads on Chrome for desktops and laptops. Here’s hoping it starts doing the same in Chrome for Android.

Download Bromite from the XDA Forums

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