The Brydge SP Max+ is a rugged case and keyboard for the Surface Pro 8

The Brydge SP Max+ is a rugged case and keyboard for the Surface Pro 8

Brydge, a company known for keyboards and docking stations for tablets and laptops, has announced the SP Max+, a new accessory that combines a case and keyboard cover for the Surface Pro 8. Brydge typically focuses more so on the keyboards alone, which help the Surface tablets feel more like laptops, but this one also comes with a rugged case, adding a degree of protection as well.

A notable difference with the Brydge SP Max+ compared to other Brydge products is that this one actually uses a pin connection instead of being wireless. This means you have to permanently have the Surface Pro 8 attached to the keyboard to use it, but it comes with the benefit of being a potentially more reliable connection, with less delay or connection dropouts, in addition to not requiring its own battery.


Another interesting feature is the ability to store the Surface Slim Pen inside the keyboard, just like the official Surface Pro Signature Keyboard. However, it can’t charge the pen, so you’ll have to do it separately using the USB Type-C port.

Close-up view of the Surface Slim Pen slot and pin connector on the Brydge SP Max+ keyboard

While it’s not a new feature, the Brydge SP Max+ also has a touchpad, measuring 110mm x 60mm with Precision drivers, so you also get a great experience on that front. That means full support for touchpad gestures which are standard across Windows 11 devices. Additionally, the keyboard has all the keys you’d expect, and it’s backlit, with three levels of brightness available.

Both the keyboard portion and the case are designed to withstand drops up to 4 feet, by themselves or when used together. That should help keep your Surface Pro 8 safe from drops and bumps, and it will certainly do a better job at that than the official keyboard cover. Of course, whether you should buy it and not another Surface Pro 8 case is up for debate.

If you do want to buy the Brydge SP Max+, you can use the link below. It’ll set you back $229.99.

    The Brydge SP Max+ gives you a keyboard cover with a touchpad and Surface Slim Pen storage, plus a case to protect the Surface Pro 8.

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