Bug Report Suggests LG Might be Manufacturing one of the Upcoming Pixel Devices

Bug Report Suggests LG Might be Manufacturing one of the Upcoming Pixel Devices

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Google’s 2016 Pixel lineup was manufactured by HTC, though its branding only made it to the device’s interior. It was earlier believed that the same partnership will continue this year as well, and as a result, HTC will once again be manufacturing the next Pixel lineup. However, a new report coming in suggests that might not be the case after all, at least not for all Pixel devices coming in 2017.

As spotted by 9to5 Google, there is a bug report filed by an LG employee in the Android Public Issue Tracker, which in turn seems to have revealed that LG might be manufacturing the larger Pixel device, codenamed “taimen”. The bug entry filed by the LG employee talks about the “USB PD Compliance Failure”. In response, a Googler replied to the bug report asking the LG employee to close the bug report and opening another one under Android > External > LGE > Taimen > power.

You can clearly see the reference to LG Electronics in the above hierarchy, indicating the South Korean OEM might be manufacturing the larger Pixel device. The further reference to LG can also be found within the PDF file attached to the bug report, which mentions LG Electronics as the vendor of the device in question — which you can see in the image below.

Earlier this week, we learned that Google has reportedly scrapped the plan to manufacture “muskie” — which was supposed to be the successor to the Pixel XL.

Back in March this year, we reported that Google was looking for a new hardware partner for its 2018’s Pixel line-up and that LG was the most probable OEM to win the manufacturing deal. But if this new discovery is anything to go by, we might see an LG-made Pixel smartphone as early as this year.

It’s not entirely clear at this point if “taimen” is the only device LG is working on or whether it is manufacturing the smaller “walleye” as well. Similar to what we have previously seen with the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, it’s likely that Google might use two OEMs to manufacture its upcoming Pixel lineup — however, that’s mere speculation at this point.

Source: Android Issue Tracker Via: 9to5 Google