Learn How to Build Ubuntu Kernels with Comprehensive Guide

Learn How to Build Ubuntu Kernels with Comprehensive Guide

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Linux is an operating system that many of you folks love and use on daily basis. It’s free, powerful, and quite a configurable operating system that can compile Android without much effort. One of the most popular Linux distributions is Ubuntu. Unlike Arch, which is a bleeding-edge distribution, Ubuntu uses tested packages that have been added by maintainers. This type of distribution is called cutting-edge.

Ubuntu comes with quite old Linux kernel (3.13), while the newest stable release is 3.16.3. If you want to use the newest kernel with Ubuntu based distribution, you can learn how to compile it by following a guide written by XDA Forum Member #buzz. By reading this guide, you will learn which dependencies have to be installed in order to successfully compile a kernel.

If you are planning to tweak your kernel a bit, #buzz explains the whole process step by step, so you can edit the configuration to match your system architecture. The build process differs on every distribution, so you should check Wikis to get the required information, but it’s a great experience nonetheless.

Building a kernel is quite a fun and educational process. Of course, if you don’t know what you are doing, you can destroy your system. So if you are totally green to the entire process, it’s recommended to try out this guide first on the virtual machine with Ubuntu installed. You can learn how to build a kernel by visiting the Ubuntu kernel guide thread.