Building CyanogenMod From Source The Easy Way

Building CyanogenMod From Source The Easy Way

Have you ever wanted to get your feet wet in the Android world beyond simply installing a pre-baked ROM, but weren’t exactly sure how to get started? Why not try your hand at compiling your own CyanogenMod ROM direct from the source code!  XDA member nicandris has just made this process a whole lot easier by creating an automated *nix shell script, making the whole process as easy as selecting a few options in your terminal window. Originally for a single device, the Google Nexus One, nicandris’s latest revision now supports a multitude of devices. This shell script is still in the testing stage, but that never stopped any of us here at XDA.

If you’re running a *nix OS and are feeling adventurous, please continue to the original thread to build your own CyanogenMod from source!

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