Bump! Works Around the LG G3 Locked Bootloader

Bump! Works Around the LG G3 Locked Bootloader

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Without any doubt, we can say that the LG G3 is a great device. LG did its very best to provide high level technical specification and make its flagship a “must have.” While end users are likely enjoying stock ROM experience, folks here at XDA are yet to see some custom ROMs prepared by the community. This is all due to a locked bootloader that has been served by the LG.

The LG G3 was rooted back in August, when XDA Senior Recognized Developer jcase and his team discovered a vulnerability and created an exploit allowing users to push the superuser application. Now after a few months, XDA members with any variants of the device can finally around this limitation and flash modified “Bumped!” images through a modified TWRP recovery, which was built for the project by Senior Recognized Developer Dees_Troy. This project, which is dubbed “Bump!” is all thanks to XDA Senior Member thecubed and Team Codefire.

To use Bumped! TWRP on your device, your device must be rooted. You need to copy the recovery image onto your internal SD Card and execute a few commands that flash the image. You will then be able to enter the recovery through the Factory Reset screen, and from there, flash modified images. Sounds a bit scary, but it will not erase your data if you have Bump! installed. There is a YouTube video in the thread where you can see that everything works as it should.

If you’ve got an LG G3 variant and you’ve been looking for some custom ROM excitement, head overt to the official LG G3 Bump! thread to get started. Be aware that you need to download the correct images depending on your variant, so read the thread carefully.